INSANE exhibition hits Isle of Wight

Ged Wells will showcase a brand new INSANE exhibition at Getaround Skateshop on the Isle of Wight in Newport from Friday 15th March. Expect a selection of his finest works on display back in home territory to celebrate the new launch of the classic brand that graced skateboarding in the 80s. Still as fresh as a daisy. Find them at

Kris Markovich guest board incoming on Wight Trash

The Isle of Wight’s skateboard company Wight Trash are about to unleash a guest board by Kris Markovich following their most recent guest collab with Alex Moul. Markovich created the graphic himself for the one off deck that will be available next month.

In other related Wight Trash news, Greg Nowik’s cock board is still happening and the company are said to be issuing a limited run of 10 cock shaped boards too.

More surreal video madness has been released this week from Jesse James who proves you can flip in clown feet. Scroll down this page for a bizarre new edit titled ‘Fingerings and other things’ and visit for more.