Support the Neil and Lance book on Kickstarter


If you enjoyed Ed Syder’s last rad book project, The Natas and Gonz Book, you will be stoked to know a new one is in the works featuring skate legend duo, Neil Blender and Lance Mountain.

Speaking to Ed today he mentioned: “I’ve rounded up some more heavy hitters in the super lucrative world of skate art to bring you another book. Stoked to have Russ Pope and Jay Croft on board this time around as well as most of the guys from The Natas/Gonz book.”

This new illustrated tribute will be bigger than the first featuring contributions from Russ Pope, Jay Croft, Phil Morgan, Kev Grey, Ed Syder, Cosme, Keith Watts, Tom Wareing and a host of others.

Get involved in their Kickstarter campaign this week and receive the book and an exclusive tee in exchange. There will be an exhibition of the final art at Beach London in October too.


Zombie Surf Party Exhibition, London, May 2nd

Zombie Surf Party Zine are throwing an art exhibition this May with various illustrations and skateboard photography from Guy Jarrett, Michael Biddulph, Matt Musk, Helena Long, Liam Clark and Becci Atkinson. These 5 met through skateboarding in the Norwich area and have various goodness to share. This will be set up for you to pop into from 2nd-12th May at the Basement Gallery, (under Lomography) at 117 Commercial Street, East London, E1 6BG.