Bay Sixty 6 reveal Hydraulic ledge in new park

Get ready for some fun this winter at the Bay Sixty 6 skatepark. Not only does the new park boast a bowl for the first time, the new street course now has a ledge that works on hydraulics as revealed in a recent video update from NikeSB today. Set the size of your choice and skate it. Simple.

This is the ledge that has the magic system built in below. Click here for the rolling feature of the park’s progress.

Nike Bay Sixty6 – The Builders from Nike Skateboarding on Vimeo.

Watch footage of the new Gap at Bay Sixty 6 Skatepark

The carpenters have been finishing off the main body of work in the street course over the last week with the ‘spectator gap’ being the stand out design addition that has been built in front of the new spectator cabin. Check out the new video and photos in the updated feature and feel free to share them as the park really takes shape.