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Black Face

Hydrahead Records 7″

Former Black Flag member Chuck Dukowski and Oxbow’s Eugene Robinson are kicking off 2012 with a Black Flag inspired musical journey that should excite the most hardened hardcore fan.

Dukowski played a big part in the history of Black Flag from day one. He joined forces with Greg Ginn back in 1976 and kicked off their first shows in Redondo Beach, California, bringing with him him the ability to write classic songs such as ‘Spray Paint’ from Damaged, the anti-authority filled ‘I’ve Heard It Before’ and the epic ‘My War’ tune, although he had left the band before ‘My War’ made it onto vinyl at SST.

This new project titled Black Face is fueled by four songs that Dukowski wrote for Black Flag all those years ago but never actually recorded. These tracks have all been released on one 7″ available from Hydrahead Records and bring those menacing, meandering guitar licks and traumatic vocals associated with Black Flag that we have all learned to love. Eugene Robinson does well in delivering a punching vocal that even back in the day could have warranted a slot in the original line up, so overall, Black Face gets the big thumbs up from here. Look out for touring plans and a more releases this year.

Pick a 7″ up from here.

Music News

Cave In announce new album

Cave In have announced the release of a new album.

The album, set for release on May 24th on Hydra Head Records is called White Silence. It’s their first album since 2005 and you can check the tracklisting below:

1. White Silence
2. Serpents
3. Sing My Loves
4. Vicious Circles
5. Centered
6. Summit Fever
7. Heartbreaks, Earthquakes
8. Iron Decibels
9. Reanimation