Antiz jump over the homeless

In the latest episode of rad to come from the wonderfully restless Antiz camp, we see our European buddies (plus international Hobo extraordinaire Dallas Rockvam) recall everyone’s favourite task from THPS2 and ollie over the homeless.

See below for the guaranteed goodness that always comes with an Antiz edit with this latest Hobo Erectus clip. For an interview we did with the crew when they were busy being the homeless then click here.

Watch: Two Fresh Antiz Edits

Antiz have been very busy since returning from their Hobo Tour and welcoming Dallas Rockvam onto the team as their first US pro. Just this week they’ve knocked out two edits online full of rad wheel-pushing as standard from the boys.

Firstly there is a Hobo Erectus edit, which is a hot minute of concrete ripping and then another clip featuring a couple of days skating makeshift spots in warehouses and some street fun too. As always, it’s worth a watch. See below and grab the goods while they’re hot.

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