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Emerica Hopi Chiller Shoe review

If you are in need of a chiller right now, Emerica have these brand new Hopi’s available for the more laid back skater out there. Inspired by Andrew Reynolds’ desire to chill after a skate sesh, the Hopi is made from a thick, hand sewn suede and comes with a natural gum rubber outsole. These are as flat as pancakes, but don’t let that put you off as they are also the perfect chiller to have on whilst mooching round your house where you really don’t require any shoe with a heel anyway.

These simple and comfy bohemian shoes definitely bring the native indian, wild west look and also come with beads that you can take off easily. Especially if you are not looking to rock that Ben Jobe vibe and randomly huck out your magic flute at any moment whilst making a cuppa. You should also be aware that due to their tendency to look like one of those shoes you find at the pet shop, you should probably keep them out of reach if you keep a young canine in your yard, otherwise these could be mistaken for treats and be chewed apart.

After being in denial about ordering a pair of these, i’m now at one with my Hopi’s and they are doing a splendid job of making my life more chilled. As the long, cold nights start to roll in this autumn, you may want to think about getting yourself a pair and feeling the same comfort.