Craig Questions officially on Heroin Skateboards

Heroin Skateboards have finally made an official announcement that Craig Questions has joined the team today. Look out for a video series of Craig interviewing his 80’s skate herooes Duane Peters, Mike Vallely and more coming very soon. Scroll down for his ‘Day in the Life’ video interview if you missed it.

Watch Part 1 of his Day in the Life interview here:

Part 2:

A Day In The Life with Craig Questions part 2

Craig_Questions_photo_by_Dom_PerkinsFollowing the first webisode in last week’s video feature, Craig Questions’ Day in the Life returns to your screen for part 2 with an insight into the new Heroin Zombie Series via a trip to Mark ‘Fos’ Foster‘s house and some much needed Thrasher worshipping.

Click below to watch the tricks that came from an hour long skate session at Stockwell’s Brixton Beach with Craig, Fos and Jake Snelling before Questions attends art show in London that he didn’t actually want anyone to see.

If you missed part 1, then probably best to watch it first here.

Craig Questions A Day In The Life video interview

Filmed and edited by Matthew Bromley.

Craig_Questions_photo_by_Dom_PerkinsHe collects, he draws, he shreds, he scores…Craig ‘Questions’ Scott is a true one off. If you’ve never heard of him before then you’re definitely in for a treat with this Day In The Life. Craig is generally like marmite. You are either digging his eccentricity or done with it. He’s a skater who has asked so many questions over the years that Dom Perkins (who took this amazing photo) called him exactly that, and it stuck.

Maybe it was the luminous gunge of Jim Phillips’ famous 80’s artwork that has pushed Questions into the path of the unknown, or maybe it was the smell of Neil Blender’s pads. Underneath all the toys, smoke bombs and boneless-ones is a guy living his dream, the way he wants his life to roll out. That passion should never be sneered at- but instead, observed from within his own domain, and this week we have done exactly that.

Click to watch part 1 of 2 below and feast your eye’s on the fascinating world of a man who grew up smelling the fresh seaside air of Whitstable beaches and has just recently just inked his first board graphic for the new Zombie Series for Heroin Skateboards.

Stay tuned for part 2 of this video feature next week where you’ll see Craig, Fos and Jake Snelling shredding Brixton’s most famous beach down in Stockwell and more about how the Heroin series took shape. When you are done, click here for part 2.

Craig’s sponsors include Lovenskate, Death Urethane & Altar Skate Shop.

New Heroin Zombie Series Boards

Heroin Skatebooards are back with a brand new series of decks this month with art supplied by Suzi Kemp, Andrew Pommier and Craig Questions. Here’s an update about the artists involved from Fos below who also carved his wares on the new Heroin Zombie Pro Series. These beauties will be gracing the walls of your local skate shop in the next 2 weeks so make sure you reserve one today before they are all snapped up.


Suzi Kemp

I hate going to degree shows. A load of pissed up students swanning around thinking they’re the best thing in the world and all their work looks like stuff that’s been done a million times before. It’s either Japanese Manga rip off stuff or twee crap saying “Be happy” or some shit that looks like they ripped off our mate Marcus Oakley. So when I was at the Brighton degree show last year and I saw Suzi Kemp’s work it was a breath of rotting fresh air. Suzi’s penchant for Black Metal and Zombies fitted right at home with Heroin. I’m stoked that the first board she did was for us, expect more killer shit from her in the future.

Andrew Pommier

Andrew is an International Skate art heavyweight and I love introducing him that way to people at parties. He’s the art director at Momentum wheels, has worked for Girl, Toy Machine, RVCA, Adidas and a bunch of other nerds I guess. We met in China a few years ago and we’ve been homies ever since. We always seem to end up on epic skate art trips together. He’s a good lad and is down to come and shoot semi automatic weapons at the L.A. gun club with me.

Craig Questions

What can I say about Craig Questions? I first met him at the premier at “Live from Antarctica” where he proceeded to chew my ear off about 80’s skateboarding and hasn’t stopped since, and that was bloody 6 years ago. He’s one of my favourite people and there’s never a dull moment with him around. Craig lives and breathes skateboarding and if you don’t like him, I can’t imagine that he gives a fuck. What you see if what you get, from cutting the heads off dead animals for his skull collection to getting numbers off the hottest girls, Craig is a force of nature and I’m stoked to have his shitty artwork on the bottom of my board.