Watch Heroin Skateboards new ‘Video Nasty’ trailer!


Wake up to the news that Heroin Skateboards have released an explosive trailer for their next full video titled VIDEO NASTY. The team has been shooting footage ready for a June 2013 release so hit that play button for Chet Childress, Gou Miyagi, Daniel Shimizu, Chopper, Fos, Rogie, Tom Day, Casper Brooker, Craig Questions, Stephen Malet, and Deer Man of Dark Woods.

How hyped?!

Watch Deer Man of Dark Woods in Magic Sticky Hand

Heroin Skateboards have liberated Deer Man of Dark Woods’ section from the 2007 DVD release of Magic Sticky Hand. If you missed the full sections released last week of Rogie, Colin Fiske, Jon Monie and Chris Ault then head for these hills.

Watch Deer Man of Dark Woods vs Beast of Gevaudan

The word Halloween must have brought out Deer Man of Dark Woods from the cold. His latest clip featuring a guest appearnace from the Beast of Gevaudan is here to be devoured. Backside boneless praise all round.

Deer Man of Dark Woods vs. Beast of Gevaudan – Last Try Tuesday from Color Magazine on Vimeo.

New Heroin Pro and New Ball series decks

Heroin Skateboards have released their new pro decks featuring signature models for Daniel Shimizu, Gou Miyagi, Chett Childress and Deer Man of Dark Woods. All come over 8″ in size but if you are looking for a smaller rig then the Chopper deck from the New Ball Series is available as a 7.75′.

heroin skateboards

Geoff Rowley on FOS FM tomorrow morning

Geoff Rowley is this week’s guest on Mark Foster’s Fos FM show in California tonight at 9pm in the US, 5am tomorrow morning in the UK. The Brits abroad will be spinning what will probably involve a healthy dose of rock and roll and much more on All of these shows are archived so if you don’t run a farm or live like Dracula (or Zorlac) then you can find the full session on where you can find other shows with the pro’s and the ho’s.

Grab a bunch of Rowley’s moments in the meantime.

Geoff Rowley remix from Manolo on Vimeo.

Fos rolls out Vancouver Art Show


Heroin Skateboards’ Fos has been busy traveling the world with his paintbrush and pens. Check out this realy well cut video of his latest show in Vancouver with skating at various spots with Craig Questions, Deer Man of Dark Woods and more.

Fos x Vancouver from Timebomb Trading Inc. on Vimeo.

Unstoppable – BBC Banks sesh with Heroin team +

The BBC banks in Manchester may have been decorated lately with skatestoppers after 20 years of freedom, but it has only raised the bar for a different session as Joe Gavin, Rogie, Tom Day, Fos and Tom McClung demonstrate in Jim Craven’s edit.

Chet Childress is pro for Heroin Skateboards

It’s official. Heroin Skateboards has yet another new pro rider today and it’s Luda Crooks! Fos has been working his magic in California and has snapped up the king of all party airs today.

Talking to ESPN on how this happened, Chet Childress says: “I don’t know, it just did. Shimizu kind of said something to me. I didn’t know what I was doing. I got offers to ride for some random stuff and then I talked to Fos (owner of Heroin) and it just seemed like a real cool thing — and I dig Fos’ art. The board should be out soon and I’m going to be filming a video part, which I’m psyched about doing again and again and again. The main thing about this is that I’m re-stoked. I spent a couple months not really bummed on skateboarding but not really that motivated. I was skating, I love skating but I didn’t care about any of the other stuff and this got me fired up to do a couple more things before I disappear into this dumb world.”

Heroin welcomed Danny Shimizu last month. As Burnley’s finest moves forward across the pond, who do you think could be next to join the ranks?