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Hackers can now take control of skateboards


Security bods with nothing better to do than to spend time programming a way into taking over the control of skateboards are set to present their work in a technology nerd-off in a Las Vegas shindig this weekend.

All twonks that ride bluetooth-enabled electric skateboards are now under attack from hackers who have found an exploit in the way the bluetooth is saturated with radio frequency noise. In some of the lab tests they carried out, they were able to seize control of a board from jamming the signal from up to 30 meters away, stopping it dead, slamming it into reverse or speeding it up. Genious.

Let’s hope they make an app for it. Upending bellends who chose to ride these things because they were too stupid to learn how to pop an ollie sounds like the most fun ever.

Wired ran the full story.