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Cliché Gypsy Life Book/DVD


If you have already seen this on iTunes then you will know it’s a keeper. Cliché’s ongoing Gypsy Life missions will never get old as their team grows worlwide laying down some of the best skateboarding out there and this is arguably their best production to date.

The full team are set a roadtrip to task with small PD’s and goals to see who can last the entire journey. Its far more entertaining than a straight up skate video with incredible skating from the UKs ‪Kyron Davis‬, Max Geronzi‬, Paul Hart, guest skater Chet Childress and many more, but we ain’t spoiling it. Go find this in your local skate shop and see for yourself, you may end up on the road this summer as a result, as this book that comes packed with photos shot from the trip and full DVD is one you should cherish.

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Max Geronzi’s “Gypsy Life” Part

instaMax Geronzi’s Gypsy Life part radiates that weekend feeling. I can’t do this part any justice by talking about it. Hit the play button now, you’ll be out the door with your board in 4 minutes and 37 seconds.

Like what you see? Buy the full movie and more HERE.

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Paul Hart – “Gypsy Life”


Paul Hart’s changing the game with this one dropping hammer after hammer, nearly ever trick could have been some other guys ender!
feast your eyes upon this.

Download Gypsy Life from iTunes HERE.