The Battle of Black Flag has started!

It’s OFFicial. The Battle of the Black Flag’s has started. It seems that there was a reason behind Greg Ginn reforming Black Flag for a show at the UK’s Hevy Festival last week. Ex members not involved in Ginn’s reformed project of Black Flag have formed another project called ‘FLAG’. You can imagine Greg Ginn’s reaction to hearing this news. Steam most likely pumped from his ears and the reaction was to counter act and do his own thing.

‘FLAG’ is made up of Keith Morris on vocals, Chuck Dukowski on bass, Bill Stevenson on drums and Stephen Egerton on guitar. We wonder if Rollins will have the cheek to start a third project with the remaining members not in these two projects as don’t forget, Black Flag had many people playing alongside Ginn over the years. Probably not, but what a palava.

Greg Ginn and Mike Vallely form ‘Good For you’

goodforyou_sleeveBlack Flag’s guitar henchman Greg Ginn has joined forces with non-other than skateboard legend Mike Vallely and recorded some tracks. This new project, under the name of ‘Good for You’ sees Ginn screeching back to Loose Nut territory on the 11 track album we have here in the office recorded at at Ginn’s Casa Destroy Studios in Taylor, TX.

The long player titled ‘Life is Too Short to Not Hold a Grudge‘ will be released on February 26th, naturally on SST Records. Get a taste of one of the tracks ‘Hanging Around’ (Like a Fucking Piñata) that isn’t the strongest track on the album but a good introduction of this new project.

Watch Black Flag show from San Francisco 1981

BlackFlag_LogoIf you are looking for some crucial viewing online this weekend and like hardcore, watch this full set of songs from Black Flag playing Mabuhay Gardens in San Francisco in 1981. The video features Dez Cadena on vocals making this a rare opportunity to see some footage of the band when they were on form at the beginning of their journey.

If you want Dead Kennedy’s shows from 1978 you can find them on the same site from the links on this page or watch .

Black Flag documentary Reality 86’d online

reality86d_black flagAre you a Black Flag fan? If so, you are in for a treat as Reality 86’d, a documentary on Black Flag’s final tour has been released on Vimeo this week and is a must watch.

The film was put together by David Markey who was on this tour as the drummer of Painted Willie at the time. The six month tour that crossed the US in 1986 consisted of 3 bands with Black Flag headlining, Painted Willie and Greg Ginn’s side project Gone opening.

This is fascinating viewing, so if you have not seen it before from its original release in 1991 then get the teas on and prepare yourself in advance of an hour of classic hardcore history.