Watch the History of Del Mar Skate Ranch

delmarBack in the 1980’s Del Mar Skate Ranch was the most legendary park in California. A breeding ground for the pro’s that made history over the years, a battlefield for competitions back then too.

A documentary has surfaced covering the golden days featuring rare footage and photos of Tony Hawk, Lance Mountain, Kevin Staab, Christian Hosoi, Dave Swift, Grant Brittain and many more ripping in the early years of the park. Check out part one of this video feature and get some skate history from here today.

Grant Brittain interview from Bucky Lasek’s bowl

Skate photographer Grant Brittain features in this short film based on the job at Bucky Lasek’s backyard bowl. Educate yourself with this inside look at one of skateboarding’s most talented snappers.

Grant Brittain – InnerViews from on Vimeo.