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Rocket Recordings

Sweeping in from the same smouldering Scandinavian scene that birthed one of the most mind expanding albums of 2014, Hills’ latest offering is an intoxicating smokescreen of otherworldly noise to knock you right off you chair.

Breathing new life into the often-over-populated pool of psych, ‘Milarepa’ sees the seven-piece laugh in the face of tradition, fully embracing heavy hallucinatory territories on a free-flowing flute trip led by drones.

Their forthcoming album, Frid, marks the bands ninth year together and their third LP. Suitably homed to the prolific Rocket Recordings, this is said to be Hills’ most out-of-mind and out-of-sight effort to date, crystallising everything that makes these Scandinavian satyrs stand out from the global herd.

Recommended as a feast for seasoned crate-diggers and fresh-faced converts alike, stream Hill’s latest with haste.