David Gravette in CSFU

David Gravette’s new part in the Creature‘s CSFU video is absolutely ridiculous. All terrain is slayed, both palms are probably resembling pizza’s and the tricks are absolute jokes. If you are going to watch anything online this week, this is it.

Scroll down the page for more extra footage and look out for the new video in your local skate shop or free with Thrasher.

Thomas Nichols slays Burnside and beyond

We always look forward to Daniel Evans’ edits knowing that you will always be treated to some concrete slaying from someone out in the North West of the US. This week, Thomas Nichols steps up with a sick edit shot in various pools, bowls and parks. Press play for treats.

Skatopia’s 88 Acres of Anarchy to hit iTunes

A new short video featuring Skatopia’s Brewce Martin from the CIA (Citizens Instigating Anarchy) was posted overnight with details that the Skatopia Movie: “88 Acres Of Anarchy” will be hitting iTunes and Google Play this December.

We have no update on Brewce’s health following a serious injury back in the summer of 2009 from a tyre explosion but hope he is back on it and blasting concrete again.

Watch the making of the movie here:

The Couch Potato #3 Halloween video special!

There are so many skate jams all over the world celebrating Halloween these days that we decided to bring a selection to you on one plate so you can get the teas on, hit the sofa and indulge in the delights that others have spent hours tirelessly working on. There will be more to surface over the next few days, so once you have taken in the gore from this lot, expect a few more to be added as they drop.

If you have photos or footage to send in from your Halloween experiences, do it.


The Transworld park was treated to a private hell sesh. See who turned up for the ride here:


The Kill City team Carve Wicked in this amazing new clip from Lee Dainton and Richard P Walton featuring the Horror that has been unleashed from the Welsh skate scene for this Halloween. Explosive stuff from Goon TV.


Members of Witchcraft, Real and many more get stuck into Plymouth’s Prime park for Hellfest 2.


Missed this? How, it’s all over our site?! No real explanation needed, just click play for the outcome of our very own Halloween Massacre Jam at the BaySixty6 park this week. More goodness from this can be found here.


Total annihilation from Russo, Tershy, Jaws and many more!


Unlike the Saffron Walden locals, the Majer Crew actually all dressed up for their local skate park jam and that’s why they are featured here instead.


When Bucky Lasek throws a Halloween Jam in his backyard bowl, you either go, or watch the footage. Check this session out. Ridiculous skateboarding, amazing outfits, fun times.

Bucky Lasek’s Bowl-B-Q Halloween Skate Jam 2012 from Dylan Pfohl on Vimeo.


Fueled by the Dead Kennedy’s classic tunes, Portland’s skate scene get amongst the crete for a session celebrating the park’s 22nd Birthday. 9 minutes of gnar right here.


Costa Mesa skater Franky Villani chose Halloween as a date to unleash this beast of an edit that he has been working on for a while. If you are tired of watching bowl shredding, here’s one from the streets.


There’s nothing like a Ween filled mini ramp sesh, especially from the lifers at Lowcard who put in some serious work. This looked like it was a blast! Push play for Jerry Gurney, Jack Given, Toad, Zak G, Manbaby, and Adrian Mallory.

Halloween at the LCHQ… from lowcard magazine on Vimeo.


If this is just the teaser, we cannot wait until the full edit drops.

Teaser Halloween Deadless 2012 from Deadless Skateboard on Vimeo.

DIAL 666!

The Devil rolls the only way he can, and that means that he is mostly alone. Volcom’s park in Costa Mesa takes some from Tyler Mumma’s roasting hot attire.

Dial 666 from Giovanni Angelone on Vimeo.

Watch the Santa Cruz team vs Arto’s Pool

Cody, Chapman, Eric Dressen, Sid Melvin, Josh Borden, Emmanuel Guzman, Justin Strubing and Shuriken Shannon get the invite to skate Arto Saari’s backyard pool and shred the place.

New Witchcraft edit with Joyce, Tibs and Churchill

witchcraft_skateboards_ new

Witchcraft have some fresh blood in video from online this week alongside their new decks that have landed in your locals SOS. Victoria Park, Shoreham, XC, Saffron Walden and more crete feel the pain of the Coven with Mikey Joyce, Mark ‘TIBS’ Tidbury and Marc Churchill.

Witchcraft new product now available. from Darc Churchill on Vimeo.

Div Adam Reflections 2011

Photo: Nick Penna

div_adamThe man who kicks off 2011’s ‘Reflections’ end of year features needs almost no introduction. The feral Scottish ripper who should pick up an award this year for nailing every transition like a raging bull has spent this year hitting the trail in California and living the dream.

Enjoy some of Div’s memoirs and get hyped on his out of control chariot entertaining your eyes and ears in 2012.

Best personal moment of 2011?

Skating the best parks in the fuckin bizz.

Favourite skate trip?

Scotty and the Scots, cause there wiz a Scott and a couple a Scots kickin aboot the States.

Most satisfying trick made?

Every time I go skate!

Best song you listened to most in 2011?

Dystopia – Stress Builds Character

Story of 2011?

I hud a garage sale this year and this vet dude cruised to get some shit told me he used to do underwater rescues for missing persons. He used to free dive, nae breathing apparatus! They were looking for this Asian dude and he says he found him in the shallows stuck in a cave in Mission Bay. When he seen him he was clenching on to his chest. So he tells me they pulled his body out and and opens his fist and he was holding on to a lucky rabbits foot!

Newest trick?

Breaking back trucks like a mother fucker!

The trick that got away?

Hurricane fakie over/round the love seat at Washington Street. (WSVP)

Best trick or line you witnessed?

Pedro at Bucky’s bowl.

Skate flick you watched the most?

Gleaming the Cube.

Your MVP of the year?

Deluxe Distribution – they’re the fuckin’ rulers!

Fresh Blood tip for 2012?

Shaw Salidino rips.

What are you looking forward to most about 2012?


Favourite top 3 video edits of the year.

1. The sneezing bear. Gets you hyped because a said so.

2. Remi Gaillard. Mario Kart. He is fuckin’ nuts because a said so.

3. Anti Hero commercials because a fuckin’ said so.

Shouts and thanks to:

Ma family n aw ma mates. Jon Alden is the man. Antihero 18

DIV ADAM QUICK THREE from NetworkSkate.com on Vimeo.