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Juergen Horrwarth Berlin footage

If you have ever stood on a vert ramp underneath this guy you would know how talented he is on a skateboard. This new Juergen Horrwarth footage features him skating a bunch of Berlin parks with a cameo trick from Sylvian Tognelli.

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Introducing TPDG

One of Germany‘s finest, Danny Sommerfeld, is skating the streets of Frankfurt am Main in a new clip, bringing real street skating with a definite 90’s flavour right into your home. With black and white imagery and a grainy and raw overall look, new clothing label TPDG Supplies Co, specializing in pants and accessories, is piping up. Reason enough to let them introduce themselves properly.

Who are you and where are you from?

We’re a skater owned and operated brand based in Hamburg, Germany. We’re currently hard at work to get our new website going and to put together our first collection of denim and pants. We’re also going to throw in a couple of accessories and t-shirts. But as they say; Haste makes waste.

This promo video is inspiring, reminded us of the good old days.

It’s nice to see how a lot of people can feel the love and passion we put into that first clip. As skatekids from the 90‘s, our focus always has been on actually go out and skate the streets, to live the counterpart to all the stunt-skateboarding ruling the media these days. We want to bring back some of the spirit of the good ol’ days to 2012.

How did TPDG come about?

When pro-skater Danny Sommerfeld was facing the headache of sorting out yet another sponsor deal with yet another clothing manufacturer, the idea to launch TPDG Supplies Co. was born. With support by graphic-designer/skateboarder Ben Wessler and photographer Eric Mirbach, TPDG was founded in 2010 somewhere in between Gießen, Cologne and Hamburg.

And finally, what is it all about?

TPDG is all about skateboarding. It’s about the streets. TPDG is about gritty imagery, dirty hands. About jersey barriers and brick walls, gangsigns and bloodstains. It‘s about well-made garments, clean styles and classic cuts.

Find TPDG at and on Facebook.

Tune: Action Bronson – ‘Barry Horowitz’ from the album ‘Dr. Lecter’ produced by Tommy Mas.

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Der Brat Wurst Tour Ever Trailer

choclate girl skateboardsGirl and Chocolate team riders hit the autobahns of Germany in May and are due to release their footage from the trip very soon.

Here’s the trailer for a forthcoming Der Brat Wurst Tour Ever, featuring Eric Koston, Sean Malto, Chico Brenes, Vincent Alvarez, Kenny Anderson, Cory Kennedy and more.

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Birdhouse do Berlin

Birdhouse are currently shredding their way across the world and are getting fully stuck in to the transition Europe has to offer them. Here’s footage from their recent outing in Berlin with some action in Skate Halle. Jaws on a mission!

Birdhouse in Berlin from Birdhouse on Vimeo.