Unseen Tom Penny footage – the last French Fred tapes

tom_pennyMourn the apparent last of the French Fred tapes with none other than the British wizard of all things skateboarding, Tom Penny. I don’t know whether to first discuss the sadness that Fred Mortagne’s incredible archive of tapes from such an important period of skateboarding has come to an end, or the fact that unseen Penny footage is beyond gold.

The only way of leading out of this is to doff your hat to French Fred as his dedication to filming and photographing skateboarding his entire life is commendable. Thanks for everything.

Find more of Fred’s incredible work explained in our feature with him.

The making of Cuatro Sueños Pequeños

Photo: Madars kickflips for Antton Miettinen’s lens


Reminisce that amazing short film made by Thomas Campbell and Fred Mortagne as they show you the making of their epic short film Cuatro Sueños Pequeños.

The amount of work that went into this is phenomenal. Get behind the scenes of this 16mm film project featuring dreamscapes of Javier Mendizabal and Madars Apse skating incredible spots throughout Spain.

You can download the full film from iTunes.

French Fred: Cliché Gypsy Tour Part 2



Once again delving into the vast archives of French Fred to bring you this next to nothing “Gypsy Tour” video from Cliché Skateboards. The boys over at Cliché sure know how to tour as they roll through the streets of Malaga and sleep on the beach, scrounging what they can.

Featuring: Jeremie Daclin, Thibaud Fraudin, JJ Rousseau, Lucas Puig, Andrew Brophy and Joey Brezinski joined by special guest Fred Gall.


Cuatro Suenos Pequenos by Thomas Campbell

cuatros-suenos-pequenos_thomascampbellIf you read our French Fred interview in his Exposed feature a few week’s back you would have noticed he was working on a new Visual Audio Experiment with Thomas Campbell.

Cuatro Suenos Pequenos (Four Small Dreams) is their new 16mm film project that has appearances off and on board from Madars Apse and Javier Mendizabal.

There will 4 dream scene scenarios across the 20 minute video feature that will drop this summer, but for now, watch this to get you in the mood for what’s coming.

The film captures Javier Brushing his teeth, slobbering on his pillow, bedding down with a beautiful brunette, running into Madars Apse in his dream, they skate over volcano’s, thru the woods and into cities of Spain, the Canary Islands, Mallorca, The Basque country and California. It’s beautiful work.

*Kickflip firecracker at speed* cough…

Snow session with Geoff Rowley and Jimmy Boyes

The winter video edit comp deadline is approaching in 2 weeks time. Have you started editing your footage yet?

French Fred has released some old footage of Geoff Rowley, Jimmy Boyes and Gabriel Friedman skating an icy mini ramp in Arizona overnight, so get hyped on the fact that others out there are tackling the elements head on.

Watch French Fred’s Lewis Marnell footage

Following the unfortunate loss of one of skateboarding’s greats, legendary videographer Fred Mortagne has released some very early archived footage of Lewis Marnell over the weekend filming and skating with friends in Australia.

Joe Krolick has also released some footage over the weekend too, watch them here and take in this photo tribute from 30shot.com that accompanies Fred’s edit perfectly.

Lewis Marnell RIP.

Cliché Javier Mendizabal commercial by French Fred

French Fred’s back with another fine dose of video goodness, this time featuring the sultry skills of Cliché Skateboards Javier Mendizabal which you can watch below.

In other related news, Andrew Brophy has a well deserved pro shoe coming out on DVS and have a new flow rider from Spain on the good ship in the guise of  Nachete who was formerly rolling for Alai.

Cliché Javier Mendizabal commercial by French Fred from Cliché Skateboards on Vimeo.