Guy Mariano on Powell Peralta and Frankie Hill

frankiehillGuy Mariano discusses Stacy Peralta leaving the Powell Peralta camp in the 8th webisode of the Frankie Hill documentary put together by Nate Sherwood.

Click below for words on the Embarcadero skate spot in SF, the Gonz, Frankie Hill’s cherished pubic hair moment and more. Yes you read that correctly.

Frankie Hill documentary incoming

Powell Peralta pro Frankie Hill has a documentary coming out about his short skateboarding life this year. Hill made his mark in 1988 video Public Domain and went on to be one of Powell’s most innovative street skaters before sustaining a knee injury that inevitably forced him to quit skating professionally at the ripe age of 21.

Watch this new trailer and look out for more info on this when it hits the web.