Guy Mariano leaves the Crailtap family for Nike


Guy Mariano‘s name was taken down from all Girl Distribution Company websites from sponsors Lakai, Royal, Girl and Fourstar last night fuelling a load of speculation that has just been confirmed on social media. Mariano is now officially a Nike SB team rider.

With over 20 years of friendship in the history pot between both parties, Guy has jumped ship from the warm arms of the Crailtap family into mainstream sports brand territory that has shocked many and excited some. The Nike SB instagram from the announcement is awash with joy and equal disappointment and hatred as seen in the comments below.

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Fourstar TNT AntiHero clothing collab


Fourstar have a new clothing collab with AntiHero out this month featuring a new Tony Trujillo collection constisting of tees, long sleeve, shirts, hoodies and jackets.

This 50/50 wool flannel plaid shirt should keep you warm in the coming winter months ahead with double pockets, satin interior and neck lining with plenty of room to skate in. The tees and long sleeve cotton shirt are as soft as a baby’s arse and come in various luminous colours. There’s also a hunting jacket (that comes in black and brown) with plenty of pockets for your junk and also not too heavy so you can still get a shred on.

Look out for these in your local skate shop this month.





Fourstar Trujillo Signature SS Woven Shirt

Knowing that our winter has been so tiring since last November and skating has been limited as a result of the freezing temperatures, look forward to having some freedom again from wearing big jackets and woolly hats. As the Spring kicks in, short sleeve shorts will be needed to cope with the heat that we have missed all winter and it cannot come soon enough.

If you have already started to look around for some new threads, TNT has a new short sleeve woven workwear shirt out on Fourstar this month for those who like simple but effective clothing to skate in. This tough little number should take a few slams and comes out the bag in either vertical stripe or solid slub chambray. Available in Pirate and Blue colours in your local skate shop now.


Fourstar Koston Stretch Denim Pant

Are you that bloke that can’t tre flip perfectly because your jeans don’t allow your legs to widen that extra two inches? The solution has been out there for years with the combination of cotton and polyester but Fourstar have nailed it in their latest Spring 2013 collection. Every signature jean is made with both so that the denim is allowed to stretch slightly, meaning you can actually move and are not limited when you skate.

Eric Koston’s new signature pant was relased last week and comes in either slim jim or standard fit. I chose the black ones with a button fly but they also have zips and come in Indigo Stonewash, Indigo Rinse, Black Stonewash and Black Rinse colours. Grab some of these to get you through the summer month’s ahead and you will thank Fourstar come September.

Fourstar’s 4 Live Crew in Florida

Watch Fourstar’s nine minute tour of Florida video from a recent trip to the crocodile state. This latest clip from the Tap features Sean Malto, Eric Koston, Shane O’Neill, Ishod Wair, Rick Howard, Andrew Brophy, Mike Carroll and Tony Trujillo and some good times.