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Crowdfund for the Hugo Palmer Memorial Skate Park

A new Crowdfund to build a new skateable object in the UK for Hugo Palmer is up and running and is currently two thirds away from reaching the £30,000 target.

Hugo and his best friend Erwan went backpacking to Australia this winter but sadly went missing in the ocean after getting caught in a rip tide and were never found.

“Due to the unusual circumstances of Hugo’s disappearance, and the resulting lack of closure, it has been very hard to say goodbye and organise a suitable ceremony and lasting tribute, or place to pay our respects to him,” explains Hugo’s family who are behind the crowdfunding.

Once the funds are reached a new skatepark in Forest Row will get the green light with the local council behind it. It’s an area that we annually visit on skate trips that is close to our hearts, so please help them reach their target to build a memorial ramp for Hugo and a new spot for us all to skate and remember his legacy.

We wish everyone involved in this project the very best. Head here to help.