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Lance Mountain, Caples and Fletcher skate Rom Pool

FLIP SKATEBOARDS LOGO UNION JACKThe Flip team popped into the UK for a couple of days 2 weeks back and sessioned Rom Skatepark’s famous pool. Lance Mountain, Curren Caples and Greyson Fletcher get a taste of British soil in this clip from Monkeyglove.

Live Reviews

OFF! live at The Haunt Brighton

The Haunt,


This gig starts early, really early. We arrived just before 8pm, and opening (local) band Gnarwolves had already played. Yeah, that early! And then maybe 20 minutes later Trash Talk takes to the stage. My mate Tony confirms we last saw them in Brighton in 2008 (supporting Paint it Black) – jeez, time flies. One thing’s for sure, Trash Talk have been going hard at it in the meantime, with relentless touring and recording that has gained them a strong young fan base, which is evident tonight. From the opening brutish chords, band and front stage crowd go off. Ok, I’ll be honest; much of Trash Talk’s short, blunt, metallic hardcore doesn’t have that killer impact on me that it promises to, but they are still a captivating live act, amped on anger and loaded with surly attitude.

I managed to catch OFF! on their initial blaze thru the UK last summer, but the gig I went to in Portsmouth was in a huge room, far too big for the show, with a small crowd, stage barriers, lacking atmosphere – a situation not conducive to a good night you’d think. Wrong! OFF! were ace, and we drove home stoked on having witnessed a very great band. So, in the much tighter and more populated confines of The Haunt, they are gonna be really great, right? Right! If, like me, you’ve had the OFF! 7”s and recent album on steady rotation, then you pretty much know you are in for a salvo of fast, tight, belligerent hardcore heavily inspired by the music singer Keith Morris originally cut his chops on, way back in the midst of time, but is delivered in 2012 sounding fresh and totally revitalised. And that’s down to the 3 fellow band members he’s aligned with, all accomplished musicians in their own right, and totally on it in keeping up the intensity.

4 songs bursts are interjected by Keith’s thoughts and anecdotes, and it’s good to know he’s still questioning and refusing to accept what his Government tells him. In other words; Punk Rock. Memories of his long deceased buddy Jeffrey Lee Pierce still cast a shadow on Keith, who questioned whether The Gun Club ever played in Brighton. I can confirm they did, late ’82, or early ’83 at The New Regent in West Street, which is now just another shitty bar, but back then was a hot bed of activity. Ack… the stories I could tell. Meanwhile, back at The Haunt, and approx 50 minutes after they started, OFF! departs to rapturous applause from the crowd… and we gather outside in the fading light, and acknowledge we have just seen a very great band. Intense, in your face and on the road with a vengeance, go see them!

Pete Craven

Music News

Evidence to play London’s Jazz Cafe on July 2nd

Evidence will be heading to Europe this summer for shows which also includes a London date at the Jazz Cafe in Camden on July 2nd. The once rapper of Dilated People’s now on Rhymesayers entertainment dropped his album Cats and Dogs last year which had our thumbs up in here.

Read the review, watch the video for the track Liner Notes below featuring Aloe Blacc. Get those tickets quick.


19 June // Mylos // Thessalonki, Greece
20 June // Gargarin // Athens, Greece
21 June // L’Orso Cattivo // Gambieri Settingiano (Cosenza), Italy
22 June // Bosco di Galu // Giugliano in Campania (Naples), Italy
23 June // Touch The Air Festival // Wohlen, Switzerland
25 June // Bizzerzoet // Amsterdam, Netherlands
26 June // La Maroquinerie // Paris, France
27 June // Bazaar // Brussels, Belgium
29 June //High5 Club // Duisburg, Germany
30 June // Peace and Love Festival //Borlange, Sweden
2 July // Jazz Cafe // London, UK
6 July // Roskilde Festival // Roskilde, Denmark

Evidence (Dilated Peoples) EU tour

Music News

Cerebral Ballzy UK tour dates July

New York punks Cerebral Ballzy return to the UK in July this year as part of their European tour. The tour dates that were announced last night are all listed below, look out for them in the UK from July calling at Southampton, Andover, Newport, Liverpool, London and Tunbridge Wells.

CB have played 2 Crossfire events over the last 2 years. If you have not seen our interview with this lot, click play.

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Flip Skateboards European Tour video part 2

The second episode of Flip Skateboards‘ European Tour has arrived. Click play for footage of Louie Lopez, Luan Oliveira, Andrew Langi, Arto Saari, Curren Caples and David Gonzalez, skating Bavaria, Denmark, Germany and Norway.

If you want to win a massive Tom Penny package this month with Flip, Supra, Mob Grip, Independent, Ricta, MOB Grip and Kr3w products, then click here for the comp that runs until October 13th 2011.

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Supra team demo footage from Bay 66

supraThe last minute decision to swap a session at Stockwell for Bay 66 this Saturday worked for 250 pro gazers as the Supra team descended into West London following a packed signing session at Slam City Skates. Watch the footage that has been posted online this week by Ravenous filmer Martin Kennelly featuring Stevie Williams, Tom Penny, Terry Kennedy, Lizard King and many more.

We hope that Ben Grove’s head is now in one piece too after skating like a loon under the influence of too much fun. Good times.


Bones European Tour 08


The Bones Wheel team decided that Europe was the desired destination for a major trip.

The team split into two groups across 2 legs to visit Spain, Italy, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Germany, Holland and England spending 3 days on average in each country.

Bay Sixty 6 skate park in London came up trumps for the UK demo where Adam Dyet, Chad Bartie, Dallas Rockvam, David Gravette, John Motta, Aaron “Jaws” Homoki and UK riders Marc Churchill and Josh Perret were in attendance.

Dyet’s hair was ravenous…

Aaron ‘Jaws’ Homoki got ready for a McTwist on the vert…

and hucked a clean one…

Dyet took the wall one foot…

Gravette was like the pied piper..

Bartie got to the demo that morning straight from the airport….

Kids got free stuff…

and were stoked..

Irvine had bad travel wind at the Ladbroke Grove rail…

Bets were on and meals were exchanged for tricks…the rail was warm and Aaron wanted it.

Avit Jaws!

Homoki knocked out a backsmith for a future contender in Transworld and Document

The boys rolled on towards St Paul’s whilst we checked in for Dempsey and Makepeace…

You would, wouldn’t you?