Evan Smith’s “War and Peace” Part

You knew this was coming when Evan Smith was announced in the final eight SOTY nominations and he has a damn good chance of claiming that prize. Get stuck into his War and Peace part for Element’s new video series. He’s another that is held together with super glue and can rock up to any spot and shut it down.

Illegal Civilization – Chestnuts Roasting edit


The Illegal Civilization crew are back with fresh banter, banging skating and the usual fun from across the pond. Neen Williams, Na-kel Smith, Chris Coulborn and many more in the mix roasting those festive chestnuts.

Jacky – full video


If you expected Phil Zwijsen to sit around feeling sorry for himself when he’s injured then think again. His downtime only meant two things had to happen. Firstly to recuperate and secondly to get creative with others.

Enjoy Jacky with footage of Alex Raeymaekers, Axel Cruysberghs, Bram Decleen, Hans, Claessens, Jarne Verbruggen, Maarten De Ryck and Yeelen Moens who all feature in this black and white, 17 minute promo, shot in Belgium.