Welsh Tommy pro for Crayon + new 5 Year DVD

Crayon Skateboards have announced that Welsh Tommy is now pro for the team. Philip Morgan designed his guitar graphic deck that will be in your local skate shop ready for you to play this week, so look out for it.

Crayon have also released a brand new ‘Five Year’ DVD which is also out now with 20 minutes of fresh footage of Chris Jones, Welsh Tommy, James Coyle, Andy ‘EVZ’ Evans and Paul ‘Barber’ Cooper. This flick also comes with 45 minutes of extra footage and is a bargain for one of those blue five pound notes you would have seen before. Click here to buy one.


Watch Death Skateboards at The Vault

death_skateboards_logoThe Vault welcomed the Death Skateboards team when they toured their most recent video ‘Ordinary Madness’ this winter. Watch the footage with Dan Cates, Patrick Melcher, Boots, Mikey Patrick, Mike Simons, Adam Moss, Benson, Sam Murgatroyd and Moggins.

Shehzad Jaffer’s What’s Cookin’? G-Sides released

getlesta10 minutes of footage from the making of Shehzad Jaffer‘s part in Callun Loomes’ What’s Cookin’ DVD has landed online overnight for your viewing pleasure. Hear the buzz of the generator, feel the cold in the air and take in the amount of hard work that goes into a scene video.

Watch Deer Man of Dark Woods in Magic Sticky Hand

Heroin Skateboards have liberated Deer Man of Dark Woods’ section from the 2007 DVD release of Magic Sticky Hand. If you missed the full sections released last week of Rogie, Colin Fiske, Jon Monie and Chris Ault then head for these hills.

Watch Ishod Wair’s Sabotage 3 remix

Real pro Ishod Wair shows once again why he is one of the very best around. Watch this smooth operator’s remixed Sabotage 3 part all filmed and destroyed in Philadelphia. There could not have been a better end to this week.

Catch the Shadows with Perfect Blues

In the lead up to the Perfect Blues premieres in February, James Harris has dropped some footage of Ollie Lock, Jess Young and Sam Austin, Jason Lewer, Barber, Phil Parker and Frankie Darby in Bristol for you to watch before the full length is exposed.

The film has footage of those mentioned plus Dave Wallace, Jed Cullen, Ash Hall, Josh Arnott, Channon Wallace, Jimmy Hart, Andy Coleman, Ryan Chamberlain, Phil Parker and more. Look out for it.