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Kingston Lurkers’ Blueslims promo

The Kingston Upon Thames skate scene has always been strong. Looking back to the 80’s and early 90’s you will find the unforgettable Davross days, ollieing over ‘Smellblast’ the Kingston super tramp who sat under Kingston railway bridge on the way to the sessions at Tim Spear’s mini ramp. The Wednesday night mini ramp sessions at Chessington Youth Club, the New Malden skatepark vert/mini ramp heads and Ollies Skateboard shop in Surbiton- these memories were all part of a very active skate scene in Surrey and long may it continue.

The naughties rightly has a new scene and nothing much has changed as others are now keeping it alive and kicking down there. The Kingston Lurkers are the latest crew to start filming their local habitat and today a trailer was released for their forthcoming scene video. Watch this Blueslims Promo featuring Alex Lally, Aaron Sweeney, Marcus Adams, Doug Parmiter and many more.