Sam Beckett Pro sesh at HOV


Sam Beckett‘s new pro status on Blind Skateboards was announced after a top sesh at the House of Vans in London a couple of week’s back, so enjoy the footage from that session and get your eyes on his new pro model that is heading to your local skate shop right now.

It’s not often a UK pro gets a board on a US company so raise that glass!

Ben Raemers Enjoi Cock Piss decks


Ben Raemers teamed up with Rob Mathieson’s illustration skills for his new Cock Piss graphic featuring none other than the legendary Alan Partridge. The best part of it is that it also comes with scratch off graphics so you can take off Alan’s trousers and also change the writing on the car. Genius! We wonder how many people will try and sniff it.

These are heading to your local skater owned skate shop this week so get down there and support one of Britain’s finest.




Mother Collective Skateboards first catalogue


Mother Collective, the new skateboard company that launched this month with Jake Johnson, Tyler Bledsoe, and Gilbert Crockett repping team business out of Ohio, have launched their first catalogue as seen on Tumblr this morning. Check out the new decks will start to hit stores at the end of March.

Follow them on Insta.




Welsh Tommy’s Crayon retrospective video

crayonskateboards_logoIf you managed to hear the news we posted last night of Crayon Skateboards’ newest pro team member, then you will know that Welsh Tommy has his name on Crayon’s most cherished wooden planks.

Today they have released a retrospective video taken from various videos over the year’s including ‘Underexposed 1 and 2’, ‘East Vapors’ and ‘Now That’s What I Call Skateboarding’. Roll through the ages with him by pressing the play button.

Welsh Tommy Pro retrospective/Five year trailer from Crayon Skateboards on Vimeo.

Wight Trash Greg Nowik Cockadoodle Doom deck

gregnowik_wighttrash_cockadoodledoom_deckSkateboarders can certainly be tools but don’t usually use phallic artwork on their deck graphics. Greg Nowik though is this month’s exception. His new Cockadoodle Doom model on Wight Trash is standing tall, erect and ready for action.

Don’t dick about as these will not last long. They cum in 7.5″, 8″, 8.25″ and a whopping 8.5″ and available on the Wight Trash site right now for £39.99.

Artist Jon Horner inked the helm and must have cast the fingers from the river banks of Deliverance. You work it out.

Lovenskate French Pool deck

Lovenskate have a limited run of 25 pool decks on sale this week inked by British illustrator French. These very limited wooden collectors pieces are £55 and screen printed tip to tail in purple and non tarnishing gold. These were printed for French’s Scion Installation that ran in Los Angeles back in September 2012. The exhibition showcased not just drawings, but also a number of super limited edition products French has designed and illustrated over the years.

Get one whilst stocks last.


Palmer and Moss pro for Death Skateboards


Death Skateboards kick off 2013 in fine style following the release of their epic ‘Ordinary Madness‘ DVD a few weeks ago. The team welcome two new pro’s to their ranks today. Dean Palmer and Adam Moss, will now have their names on infamous Death wood after some serious dedication to the brand. The Dean Palmer ‘Death dome’ model has been released first with art by Alastair Mooney and a new edit from Down Under that you can watch in this page. Look out for the release of Moss’ deck soon.

Richie Jackson has a new Stoned graphic pro model out this month as an 8.125″, and Patrick Melcher’s new Bottle deck will hit your local skate shop in 8.25″. Both decks have graphics by AyeJay. There’s a brand new Ordinary Madness swirl deck (graphic by JayBone) also winging it’s way into stores in 8.25″ size. Start 2013 with a new rig and get yours ordered today.

Death release the Thumbprint ahead of Ordinary Madness

Death Skateboards are about to release a new Dan Cates pool deck called the Thumbprint available as 8.65″ plank ready to shred this summer’s crete. They have also released the new ‘Generation X’ tee this week and are well on their way to completing the brand new, forthcoming DVD, Ordinary Madness that is currently being put together by Mark Nicolson. Zorlac tells us this week that it “Should be ready in a month or 3. It’s gonna be a banger.” Get hyped.

We spoke to Death pro Rob Smith this week who has been skating Barcelona recently who tells us his section in the DVD is pretty much completed. Look out for his First and Worst interview that should have you laughing your tits off on here very soon.

Anti Hero Tony Miorana Love Toy deck 8.38

lovetoy_antiherodeckDeluxe wood is premium manufacturing made with the finest Canadian maple money can buy. There is no middle ground here. If you ride DLX, you are riding the crest of skateboarding.

Tony’s board is no exception. It’s a beast to say the least, but at 8.38″, it’s still very manageable on street as it is deep in the cradle. The length of the deck is 32”, pretty much what you would expect from a rig this size. I will say that I spent most of my time on the Love Toy enjoying the ever increasing number of decent bowls popping up around London this Autumn, however, I have taken to street with it and it felt equally as good. I am past the days of rails and stairs, but for cruising banks, curbs and hills, it’s a fine piece of wood.

Anti Hero remains one of my more preferred decks when it comes to choice for me. Their consistency in superiority is comforting and you know Cards would never ride anything but the best. Trust you instinct and get onto it before it’s too late.