Catch the Shadows with Perfect Blues

In the lead up to the Perfect Blues premieres in February, James Harris has dropped some footage of Ollie Lock, Jess Young and Sam Austin, Jason Lewer, Barber, Phil Parker and Frankie Darby in Bristol for you to watch before the full length is exposed.

The film has footage of those mentioned plus Dave Wallace, Jed Cullen, Ash Hall, Josh Arnott, Channon Wallace, Jimmy Hart, Andy Coleman, Ryan Chamberlain, Phil Parker and more. Look out for it.

Davis, Lopez, Dominguez and co clear out

Josh Clarke has unleashed the odds and bobs from his hard drive from this year’s filming sessions in London. Watch heads roll with Kyron Davis, Manny Lopez, Jamal Bendriss, Douwe Macare, Daryl Dominguez, Robin Lambert, Dave Wallace, Kevin McKeon, Luka Pinto and Alex Lally here.

Watch: Sam Bird’s ‘Under Grey Skies’

Sam Bird has recently invested in a Canon 550D and has gone on a filming mission around London resulting in this short little edit entitled ‘Under Grey Skies‘ that’s a perfect aesthetic treat to get you hyped this cold monday morning.

The video features the switch maestro (think about it…) Dave Wallace and the rest of Sam’s friends. Have a look below, it’s well worth a watch.

When you’re done, head over to Sam’s website and ‘follow’ him in the way that’s acceptable and not creepy.