Vans team hit up Derelict Places in Athens

Danny Wainwright, Ross McGouran, Nassim Guammaz, Kris Vile and more of the Vans Europe team continue their Derelict Places missions into Greek territory this week. Click play for a journey through Athens via the once used Olympic park and beyond.

Watch Fifty Fifty’s 15th Anniversary video

5050logoBright may have overlooked their 15 years of service in their nominations this year but have not forgotten what 5050 have brought to the UK scene in that period. In fact, they are still moving forward as proved in this brand new promo video filmed by Rich Smith, George Nevin and James Harris.

Enjoy footage of Flynn Trotman, Dan Wileman, Danny Wainwright, Matt ‘Boyo’ Williams, Korahn Gayle, Tom Gibbs, Barber, Phil Parker, Will Ainly, Justin Sydenham and Ollie Lock.


Danny Wainwright’s Four Corners VANS edit

The VANS European team are dropping their Four Corners video series online right now. The most recent episode sees Danny Wainwright introduce you to skating to the East of the world map to China.

View the spots, take in the culture and enjoy the skating from Flo Marfaing, Kris Vile, Josh Young, Nassim Guammaz, Sam Partaix, Ross McGouran and of course, Wainwright himself.

Also, scroll down this page to find Phil Zwijsen’s take on this amazing country.

Danny Wainwright’s Bristolona section

dannywainwrightDanny Wainwright has a whole new section filmed by Liam ‘Shicken’ Jefferies and Dane Dicker last summer in Barcelona as part of the new Bristol based online Bristolona video series.

Last summer, a crew from the South West flew out to Barcelona, hired an apartment and documented the trip, the result being 11 sections featuring various skaters from all over Europe including Wainwright, Sean Smith, Josh Arnott, Aaron Clough, Yoni Bang and many more.

All of the parts filmed are graced with some decent laid back hip hop so enjoy this section from 5050’s Barcelona resident and also this friends section with Sean Smith, Harry Ogilvie, Rich Smith, Bill Smith, Pat Garrahy and Martin Carter and then click here to find more footage on their channel.