Watch Fifty Fifty’s 15th Anniversary video

5050logoBright may have overlooked their 15 years of service in their nominations this year but have not forgotten what 5050 have brought to the UK scene in that period. In fact, they are still moving forward as proved in this brand new promo video filmed by Rich Smith, George Nevin and James Harris.

Enjoy footage of Flynn Trotman, Dan Wileman, Danny Wainwright, Matt ‘Boyo’ Williams, Korahn Gayle, Tom Gibbs, Barber, Phil Parker, Will Ainly, Justin Sydenham and Ollie Lock.


Stella Supply Co hardware launches with new promo

Joleon Pressey and Mark ‘Fos’ Foster have launched the Stella Supply Co this week, a new hardware company that will be supplying bearings, bolts and clothing to your local skate shop.

The UK team that has been announced this week includes Joe Gavin, Nick Stansfield, Joleon Pressey, Snowy, Benny Fairfax, Karim Bakthoui, Chris Oliver, Nick Jensen, Olly Todd, Charlie Young, Louie Jones, John Tanner, Lucien Clarke, Jin Shimizu, Will Ainley, Rory Milanes, Casper Brooker, Craig Questions, Neil Smith and Dan Wileman.

Watch this brand new promo video put together by Hold Tight Henry that was released this morning.

stella supply co bearings

Dan Wileman retrospective edit for Crayon Skateboards

Crayon Skateboards have released the second retrospective pro edit today as promised so sit back and get ready for some good times from Bristol’s Dan Wileman.

We will never be able to thank him enough for repping at Crossfire events over the last 10 years as he has attended pretty much all of them. He has given everything to skateboarding and is one of the hardest working skaters out there, suppport Dan by buying his new pro model on Crayon.

Click play.

Crayon unleash Welsh Tommy mini DV footage

crayonskateboardsCrayon Skateboards ripper Welsh Tommy switches it up with some awesome new footage today filmed by Dykie, Nick Richards and others to celebrate Crayon’s decision to shoot their new DVD in HD.

Head over to to view their Spring catalogue and follow Crayon’s Korahn Gayle and Dan Wileman‘s sessions on the West Coast on their travel blog here.

Fifty Fifty’s Where’s the Beach Tour video

fiftyfiftyskateshopRich Smith and Mike Pearson’s ‘Where’s the Beach?’ edit of the Fifty Fifty shop crew on tour last summer to Cornwall has been posted online overnight. The mission consists of 5 skaters, 2 filmers, 1 photographer, a 1965 VW camper van and a 6 man tent in search of untouched terrain.

Enjoy this footage featuring Tom Gibbs, Paul Carter, Pat Garrahy, Justin Sydenham, Layth Sami, Dan Wileman and more.

FIFTY FIFTY ‘Where’s The Beach Tour’ from RICH SMITH on Vimeo.