Daewon Song 20th anniversary DVS shoes


Celebrate an incredible 20 years of DVS with Daewon Song this month by picking up a pair of his signature shoes, his 14th model over many years of loyal service.

It’s not often these days that skate shoes are made with extra durability to deal with technical wear, but Daewon has added a rubber ollie patch so that your feet can deal with grip tape rub, making your shoes last longer. These also come with a suede collar lining to help avoid heel flip blowouts and a non-slip vulcanized outsole with deep herringbone tread.

They come in either canvas or suede and are available now in your local skate shop. Look out for them.


Who Is Daewon Song Matix documentary

Did you know that Daewon Song died and came back to life when he was born? Matix looks into the life of one of the most influential skateboarders of all time in this new documentary where Daewon rolls back the years in South Bay and discusses starting Matix Clothing with the Dunlap brothers and Tim Gavin and more. Legend in the game.

Who Is Daewon Song? from Matix Clothing on Vimeo.

Watch the DVS team skate Detroit

Torey Pudwill, Daewon Song, Luis Tolentino, Marty Murawski, Paul Shier, Jon Nguyen, Marty Marawski and new DVS team rider Zach Wallin make up this brand new DVS edit that is well worth your time today. Visit the motor city of Detroit to the psychedelic sounds of the Black Angels.

DVS Does Detroit from DVSSHOES on Vimeo.

Watch the Daewon Song vs H20 edit

daewonsong Daewon Song. The master, the legend, the bloke that skates with a smile on his face whatever the outcome is back with an incredible edit from Colin Kennedy that features his struggles with one of the elements that most skateboarders are never willing to tackle: Water.

Enjoy this edit, it will have you in stitches.

Daewon Song’s incredible 5-Incher B-side section

daewon_songYet again, Daewon Song returns with another video edit that will have the rewind button on lock, made up of more incredible skateboarding that takes in every form of nature on offer. In this new video part as the b-side to his ridiculous section in the new 5-Incher DVD from Almost, Daewon gets to work as usual, shredding rocks, trees and any curved or flat surface to conquer on his travels.

Yet again, Daewon Song is light years ahead of anyone else on a skateboard. Yet again, he takes our Edit of the Week spot hands down.

Daewon destroys Berrics as DVS go through changes

daewon_songThe never ending skills of Daewon Song have graced The Berrics this week with a new Battle Commander section that you will probably need to watch twice.

In related news, the Almost 5-Incher video has been released on i-tunes this week with Daewon’s section blowing minds as usual and DVS are going through changes that may unfortunately see Mr Song move on to another shoe company. Speaking on the bankruptcy issue that has forced DVS to find a new backer this month, Daewon told ESPN:

“DVS Shoes is doing everything possible to get it back up and moving. I’ve been with them (DVS) for 15 years and started Matix Clothing with them as well. I always try to support my sponsors to the fullest, thick and thin. If things don’t work out then I’m gonna have to find a new home for shoes but I always stay positive and hope for the best.”