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Crayon Skateboards SWYD deck

Dykie’s amazing relationship with Dirty Sanchez’ Matt Pritchard goes back many years. The two of them have ran the entire country together and skated many spots for years. This week Dykie’s Crayon Skateboards have released a collab deck honouring ‘Sleep When You’re Dead‘- Matt’s own brand.

This deck comes as an 8″ and is available now from here.

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Welsh Tommy’s Crayon retrospective video

crayonskateboards_logoIf you managed to hear the news we posted last night of Crayon Skateboards’ newest pro team member, then you will know that Welsh Tommy has his name on Crayon’s most cherished wooden planks.

Today they have released a retrospective video taken from various videos over the year’s including ‘Underexposed 1 and 2’, ‘East Vapors’ and ‘Now That’s What I Call Skateboarding’. Roll through the ages with him by pressing the play button.

Welsh Tommy Pro retrospective/Five year trailer from Crayon Skateboards on Vimeo.