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Folkestone’s Multi-Storey Skatepark gets green light


Good news arrived on the South Coast this week with an announcement that Folkestone’s proposed £10m Multi-Storey Skatepark has been approved to be built by Shepway District Council.

The world’s first ever project that would see multiple floors of skateable structures have been developed by the forward thinking talent at Guy Hollaway Architects and Maverick Skateparks who will start work on the site soon. It’s a new development for the Roger De Haan Charitable Trust who obviously have exceptional vision.

The skatepark, that will be built inside two layers of perforated mesh for ventilation, will also host climbers and bouldering, a café, boxing club and more and will take between 18 months and 2 years to build. Watch this space.


Skateboarding News

Say farewell to the Level in Brighton this Saturday

As British skateboard history goes, The Level in Brighton has a few tales from the 33 years it has been in operation. From having a killer vert and mini to the shards of wood that are left to this very day, locals skaters of East Sussex have cherished every minute of this place but it’s time to say goodbye.

This Saturday 13th October is the very last session before the diggers come through there and rebuild the park with Freestyle Skateparks’ skills to erect the new concrete and take it into the future. The final design plans are still bouncing between council, Freestyle and the BHSA so expect work to be carried out in the new year if all goes to plan. Until then, if you want to see this spot off, this Saturday is your chance.

There’s a facebook page here.



Help decide the future of Bay Sixty 6 Skatepark

As you may remember from December 2010’s appeal, Bay Sixty 6 skate park in London was under threat due to various plans being proposed to turn the park into offices. Since then, the owners of the skatepark have fought a hard battle to renew their lease for another two years and the local council now recognise that there needs to be a facility for us. The park will be issuing a statement soon about redeveloping the park which will be more good news for you but this battle has not ended yet, it still needs your help, and it needs it right now.

Why? Because the long term future of the park is still under threat and there’s more for us to do to secure its future.

Proposed plans to put offices on the skatepark site remain. The council have said that an alternative location for the skatepark would have to be provided. BUT there is no specific alternative for relocating the park. The draft plans are not specific enough to guarantee the future of the skatepark and we ask that you join us in petitioning the planning department of Kensington and Chelsea council further.

The new petition is now live and needs your support today at to raise awareness of just how important it is to keep this alive over time.

This is very important, so please read this and sign it today and then spread this post on your facebook page by liking the page above, linking this post through twitter and emailing it to your friends today too. Everyone you know connected with the park should sign this asap and do their bit in helping the long term future of London’s only privately run skatepark.

Here’s our last Xmas Jam video from the Bay to remind you why we need to keep this skatepark alive and continue to bring people in our scene together. Thanks for your support.