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Watch Halloween Hellride at the Diamond Mine!

davidgonzalesflipTotal annihilation here filmed at the Diamond bowl from Russo, Tershy, Gonzales, Fletcher, Jaws and many more. If you have not checked out our Halloween feature yet, we have all of the very best Halloween skate edits piled into one feature here. It’s being updated daily with edits as they drop online.


The Couch Potato #2

Following last month’s choices of skate videos that been shot for the internet, here’s the second booze fueled installment of the Couch Potato. The summer in the UK may have been a wash out but it seems that the beers are still cold whatever the weather. We have a selection of British scene footage plus East and West Coast offering’s from across the pond too. Get the kettle on and slouch into this lot.


Shiner’s very first two video episodes of Pixels is now online featuring various UK team riders from a selection of their brands and headed up by Marc Churchill. Footage comes from various parks, events and mag shoots plus a look into the Shiner warehouse and much, much more. Fingers crossed this will be a monthly feature stitched together by Alan Glass.

Pixels: Episode 1 Part 1 from Pixels on Vimeo.

Pixels: Episode 1 part 2 from Pixels on Vimeo.


Darkstar skateboards uploaded their new 8 minute video feature to vimeo last week and it’s not to be forgotten. Watch Forward Slash featuring killer footage of Chet Thomas, Greg Lutzka, PLG, Adam Dyet, Tyson Bowerbank, Ryan Decenzo and more.

FORWARD SLASH from Darkstar Skateboards on Vimeo.


Kurt Havens released a 38 minute montage featuring some of the New York City scene. Skating comes from Billy McFeely, Don Gonyon, Bill Pierce, Rene Perez, Richard Quintero, A.J. Nagy, Robert Sunshine, James Buchman, Jimmy Pakidis, JP Blair, Jersey Dave, Curt Havens, Joseph Amsel, Pat Murray, Don Gonyon, Shawn Powers, Peter Sidlauskas, Paulgar and Nick Ricciardi.


This is the fifth installment of the collection of the Elle Est Tombée (El-Ey-Tom-Bay) series by Drew Marsden with help from Al Hodgson, Sirus F Gahan, Zak Gilbert, and Rupert Antoine who got Drew out onto the streets to film whilst he is up to his neck in University work. This 23 minute scene video features skating from Bournemouth to Brighton to the Dutch walls of Walhalla skate park in Nijmegen.

Push play for all sorts of goodness from Al Hodgson, Dexter Daniels, Ewen Bower, George Terry, Harvey Dann, Jake Millott, Jake Snelling, Jake Wisdom, Jamie Morley, Joe Sandland, Liam Cooper, Louis Antoine, Luke Frisby, Matt Ransom, Martin Maxwell, Mitch Wheeler, Nick Benavidez, Ollie Smith, Rich West, Rupert Antoine, Sam Dearden, Sam Ibekwe, Sam Roberts, Sirus F Gahan, Stevie Thompson, Will Greenfield and Zak Gilbert.


The Black Country scene and beyond is captured in this 8 minute Midlands scene montage put together by Peon. Skating comes from Daniel Jordan, Ryan Price, Luke Kindon, Rasheed Osman, Nick Binnington, Joby Adams, Aaron Burrows, Brewer and many more.


Earth Pain returned in August with another episode of carnage for their 7th video blog. Dwayne Coleman, Josh Cox, Ben Rowles, Sam Taylor, Tom Knox, Kyle Platts, Rob Smith, Craig Questions and a bunch of other reprobates share the 6 minutes of SPT’s footage shot at various London’s skateparks, bars and bus stops.

More next month. If you have an edit to put forward fro the next feature, contact us.

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The Couch Potato #1

By Ralph Lloyd Davis

If the rose-tinted image of a skate video was like a cute mogwai in our eyes, the internet came along and threw the little thing we love and hold dear into an Olympic-sized outdoor pool with a finger buffet stacked heavily beneath the diving boards. Footage has literally flooded the internet and our retinas over the last few years and today you can quite easily spend an entire afternoon and evening watching pros, amateurs and oddballs flip, spin and launch themselves the world over in pixelated 3 minute bursts.

Without bashing the free perspective of this digital media, many filmers and cinematographers take this opportunity to put their hard work out there for our viewing pleasure and ask for nought in return. Unfortunately they are small fish in an ocean teeming with life, so we thought we could fish a few out for you to take notice. These deserve to be bookmarked and watched full screen so get the teas on and push play.

The Golden Triangle by Boris Proust

Boris Proust has unleashed a fantastic travel edit featuring himself, Peter Molec, Fabian Verhaeghe, Alexis Greusard, Joachim Fromant, Joseph Biais and Samuel Partaix skating through India’s wonderful terrain. Sit back and take in this short film feature titled The Golden Triangle.

Offset Skateboarding Film by Commune

Comune’s experimental short featuring Jordan Sanchez, Al Partenan, Nial Frederickson, Josh Murphy and Joseph Lopez is. Directed and Edited by Jordan Minardi and Noel Sinclair Boyt.

Color Your Memories by Ludovic Azémar

A French full-length feature focused on upcoming amateur skateboarders from Paris, Bordeaux and Lyon. Featuring Alex Richard, Valentin Bauer, Sylvain Tognelli, Guillaume Dulout, Sean Hanley and Remy Taveira.

Skateboard Cafe Promo ’12 by Rich Smith

A full length video from Bristol-based crew The Skateboard Cafe. Featuring Harry Ogilvie, Shaun Currie, Josh Arnott, Tom Gibbs, Louis Marshall, Pat Garrahy, Barney Page, The Cafe Family, Korahn Gayle, Andy Coleman, Ben Rowles, Nicky Howells and more! Filmed and edited by Rich Smith.

Studio Skateboards Moodlighting by Dave Pelletier, Jason Auger and Jai Ball

Canadian Studio Skateboards presents their team video in collaboration with Slap Magazine. Featuring Joey Larock, Wade Fyfe, Kyle Macdonald, Darrell Smith, Mike Fyfe, Jai Ball, Jean Mat Vincent, and Chris Melvin. Filmed by Dave Pelletier.

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More from the Couch Potato very soon…feel free to recommend yours to us here.