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Shorelines – Ben Fisher footage


Stereo rider Ben Fisher skates along the beach fronts of Long Beach, Sunset, Santa Monica, Venice, San Pedro, Redondo, Manhattan and El Segundo for Colin Kennedy’s iPhone.

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Colin Kennedy parts ways with Blueprint

Colin has stepped down from Blueprint too, following Shier, Tognelli and Jensen this week. Blueprint have announced a new team manager for the brand that will continue. Jake Stewart news here.

“I hadn’t planned to ever make a an announcement of this kind because I never felt it was at any point necessary but given the recent circumstances of late I think it is worth making an official comment of sorts.

I quietly bowed out the professional skateboarding game the best part of 1 and a half years ago when I began a full time role at Nike. (despite Paul’s support and encouragement I knew it was time to move on and let the youth prevail)

I have been lucky enough to be a part of Blueprint for the best part of 2 decades and even though I have not been actively participating for the last two years, I still always felt part of the family and will always have longstanding friendships with the team past and present.

It has been inspiring to read some of the comments left by people in response to Nick’s, Paul’s, Sylvain’s and Dan’s leaving statements. To have been part of something that skateboarders in the UK were proud of and could identify with was quite an honour and we felt a responsibility to represent ourselves and the UK as best as we could.

The success of Blueprint in a lot of ways was based on the relationships we built up over all those years traveling and skateboarding together, just as friends with a common interest do.

My continued association (albeit minimal) with Blueprint after my ‘retirement’ was based on the same principles so with the recent changes considered, I wish the brand all the best moving forward into the future.

I’d like to thank all the skateboarding community, team riders past and present, owners past and present and everyone associated with Blueprint over the years for their support.

This is by no means a goodbye, I hope to see you all in the streets where this all began…..”

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Blueprint’s Journey to the Center of Ecuador trip

The Blueprint team hit the road to Equador with Skateboarder Magazine and came back with soime amazing footage that Dan Magee has put together.

Watch Blueprint’s Journey To The Center Of The Earth featuring Paul Shier, Marty Murawski, Colin Kennedy, Sylvain Tognelli, Kevin Coakley and Jerome Campbell. Amazing stuff.