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Capra Informis

capra_informisCapra Informis
‘Womb Of The Wild’
Rocket Recordings

What better way to shake the Monday cobwebs than with news that the djembe player from Swedish psych revolutionaries GOAT has started a side project?

While there’s no denying the solid parallels between this ‘bit on the side’ and their protagonist’s main venture, Capra Informis cast a far darker shadow over their mystic counterparts. A percussive thunderstorm of tribal, primitive beats and lead guitar lines raining down conjure a perpetual sense of foreboding. Sounding like a pagan ritual gone mad – ‘Womb Of The Wild’ comes cloaked, hooded and with sacrificial blood spilled all over the shop.

Womb of the Wild will be released on October 23rd 2015 via Rocket Recordings. Pre-order the ltd edition vinyl EP here.