Camp Whatevs: A trip to Yosemite Park with Crailtap

After hearing so much about the annual jaunts to LA that the Crailtap crew attend from UK distributor Matt Anderson, we decided to cover their latest get together and bring you some of the goodness from behind the scenes.

Twice a year, everyone involved in the brands around the world meet together in one place, but being skater run it’s not your usual 9-5 power point presentations. Matt flew into LA to hook up with the team riders and hear plans for the much anticipated Girl/Chocolate video ‘Pretty Sweet’ that will be released in November.

Following sessions at Venice Beach and the Girl warehouse, a journey to Yosemite National Park followed for some hang time and to check out the upcoming products from Lakai, Girl, Chocolate, Royal and Fourstar. Follow the photos from their latest mission to Camp Whatevs.

You can't go to LA and not visit Venice Beach. Matt Anderson takes it frontside.
The Lakai Boardroom.

This is what goes down in here:

Swanski Art in the Girl Park
Royal Trucks work bench display.
Mike Carroll was repping a Prime Plymouth tee.
Green screen set up's from Yeah Right and first Girl OG Series.
This is the Girl warehouse packing area under the giant OG Chocolate banner.
Girl boards ready to ship to a shop near you.
11am meet at Girl HQ for a 5 hour bus ride to Yosemite National Park for the Camp Whatevs Sales Meeting.
Biebel and Howard made sure we had enough beers for the journey.
Tough meeting schedule.
The first day of the sales meeting was tough. We were split into groups and all set Geocaching Challenges.
Geocaching Challenge. Not sure what it's called but Matt sucked at it!
More Geocaching Challenges. This time, rockclimbing with Mr Beibel!
The first night is always Poker night.
Rick thought he would clear up at our table....maybe next time Rick!
Rick had his bb gun with him though. Biebel was hyped!
This is the Lakai Archery area!
Carroll even has style with a bow!
Coffee break with Pretty Sweet cookies!
Who were the only skate team that had Hillbillies and Beers at dinner this month?
Kelly Bird and Biebel keeping warm.
Matt Anderson and Rick Howard chilling at the fire pit.
Work time. Check out the new Lakai shoes for next year.
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Next week we will be sending Lakai some questions about how their shoes are made and covering the journey of how they end up on your feet. If you have any questions that you would like to ask, like the leave them here and join us on Facebook.