Shehzad Jaffer’s What’s Cookin’? G-Sides released

getlesta10 minutes of footage from the making of Shehzad Jaffer‘s part in Callun Loomes’ What’s Cookin’ DVD has landed online overnight for your viewing pleasure. Hear the buzz of the generator, feel the cold in the air and take in the amount of hard work that goes into a scene video.

Watch the new What’s Cookin’ trailer online

getlestaThis shit is indeed kray. Callum Loomes has put so many web edits together over the last 3 years that if you searched this site you could fill an afternoon of entertainment featuring the Leicester and Notts scenes and way beyond under the Get Lesta moniker. It’s healthy to see that a full length is almost complete and scheduled to premiere at the Boardroom Skatepark on Friday October 26th where the full length What’s Cookin’ will all be revealed.

Check the trailer and expect sections from Kelley Dawson, Joe Marks, Will Golding, Timmy Garbett, Shehzad Jaffer, Mike Simons, Eric Thomas, Luke McManus, Sam Taylor and Kris Vile.

Countesthorpe mini ramp jam edit

The Get Lesta crew were out to help raise the profile of skateboarding this Saturday at Countesthorpe, in the Leicestershire district of Blaby. This mini ramp will be hosted in a school for 4 weeks so get down there for a session and show the local council that they need a local park. Dan Leach, Mike Simons, Josh Walters and more locals all appear in this edit, support your local scene and push for a park today.