Halloween at the Bombshelter


“I’m building a mini ramp in an arch that’ll be ready for Halloween.” The words that sealed the deal. Tom Wilk’s DIY project in South London grew stronger every week. Nail by nail, sheet by sheet, the build was completed bang on time on the day of the party. The Bombshelter, born and open for NBDs.

This BYOB shindig went into the early hours, everyone was mash up. We’re thankful that we could take a year off to enjoy someone else’s chaos for once and were not disappointed. Thanks Tom.

Noteable observations:

1. Kev Firth’s Satan Cruz surf stunt took the entrance of the night. Lad paddled into the line up like a don.

2. Character of the night was Colin Uout, the Hackney council rep who busted everyone, all night long, with a selection of superbly written official paperwork. Nobody was safe around his durastrictions, especially if you were seen parking on the coping. Pay the fine bitch.

3. Chroliver won Man of the Match. Frontside shuv, first wall rides. Yes fam.

Look out for footage from this session soon. Until next time…







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Independent & Brixton “Friendly Union”


Brixton and Independent Trucks are proud to be in partnership on an exciting project called “Friendly Union” for this fall!

This workwear inspired denim jacket with a modern twist and tons of premium finishings is one of the finest pieces from the new collection and is bound to sell like hot cakes.

fa15-prod-indy-m-top-jacket-max-01aMore products from the collection can be seen belowbut if you’d like to view the full range check it out here. Get pestering your local shop for these.





NOFX & Alkaline Trio live at Brixton Academy

NOFX/Alkaline Trio
Brixton Academy
July 5th 2015

nofx_brixton“I’d have a go at the front row for being old and fat, but I think that’d be a bit pot-kettle-black these days!” Capdown frontman Jake Sims-Fielding may indeed be looking a bit silver around the temples, but his band’s supercharged ska-core attack still hits the mark after all these years, with the likes of ‘Cousin Cleotis’ and ‘Pound For The Sound’ filling the Academy like very few opening bands can. Never quite hitting the heights reached by so many of their US counterparts, the Milton Keynes quartet were much loved by those in the know, and tonight that love is justified once again.

Lagwagon, in contrast, have spent most of their 25 year existence in the shadow of their labelmates NOFX, and whilst you can’t fault the Californians for effort, they’re hampered by sub-par sound and a relative lack of genuinely great songs. The crowd seem slightly subdued after the in-your-face fury of Capdown, and only a late rendition of ‘Alienate’ truly gets things moving again.

Ding-ding, round one of the Classic Albums In Their Entirety face-off. In the red (and black) corner, Chicago’s finest, Alkaline Trio, who seem to have barely aged in the last decade, and come armed with ‘From Here To Infirmary’. Personally, I’d have preferred to hear its predecessor, ‘Maybe I’ll Catch Fire’, but ‘…Infirmary’ is a fine second best, and is notably the album that marked their first visit to UK shores. Matt Skiba & co. don’t waste words as they get stuck in, and even lesser-known cuts like ‘Take Lots With Alcohol’ and ‘Steamer Trunk’ are received like black-humored manna. It’s a set that’s largely bereft of surprises, but overflowing with tunes, and they get bonus points for an epic closing rendition of ‘Radio’.

Round two, and in the green corner it’s NOFX, with 1994’s ‘Punk In Drublic’ set for an airing. Three decades into the game and Fat Mike’s crew can still bamboozle us; why bother simply playing your magnum opus straight when you could mix it up with a bunch of other (mostly equally good) songs, numerous wisecracks, impersonations and general messing around? Lesser bands probably couldn’t get away with it, but these guys have a certain chemistry, and they also have ‘The Cause’, ‘Linoleum’ and ‘Don’t Call Me White’ to whip any self-respecting pit (including tonight’s) into a maelstrom. Irreverent to the end, yet arguably the only band here tonight who seem truly comfortable on the Academy’s huge stage, NOFX’s revisit of past glories sounds pretty damn fine in the here and now.

Review: Alex Gosman

Wu-Tang Clan announce one-off London gig

Wu-Tang Clan have just announced that they will be playing the O2 Brixton Academy on July 26th as a part of the 20th anniversary of their debut album Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers), which is in November. Being advertised as “The World’s biggest hip-hop group celebrate their 20th anniversary”, this will be a show that you do not want to miss.

Edit: Manchester’s O2 Apollo has now been announced too on July 25th. Tickets are on sale from today, priced at £39.99 each from here.

Method Man previously confirmed that a new album is on its way at a show in the US.

Words: Sean Hendrie

Deftones and letlive live at Brixton Academy

Brixton Academy, London
20th February 2013

Three Trapped Tigers open up tonight’s proceedings to a fascinated audience. A mesmerising creation of technical beats and soaring synths allures the otherwise timid three-piece to the crowd. Drummer Adam Betts is the centre of attention with his flawless and creative technique. However, Three Trapped Tigers do little to entice movement but they certainly arouse the ear drums.

In terms of stage dynamics, LA’s Letlive are quite the opposite to the static Three Trapped Tigers. Frontman Jason Aalon Butler is clearly engrossed in the music. Amps, drum mats and anything else on or off stage that crosses his path is used as a playground. He leaps and prowls around whilst the band deliver some of Fake History’s most emotive and socially directed songs, including a passionate rendition of ‘Muther’. ‘Casino Columbus’ sees Jason front flip, throw a mic stand and guitarist Jeff Sahyoun destroy his axe. After a frantic set, Brixton Academy are awe struck, not quite sure what just physically and aurally hit them.

If any other band were topping the bill tonight, Letlive would have stolen the show from their grasps. But no such task is possible when the mighty Deftones are headlining. Opener ‘Diamond Eyes’ sets the score, evidently this will be a montage of the band’s greatest hits with ‘Passenger’, ‘My Own Summer (Shove It)’ and newcomer ‘Swerve City’ all encouraging simultaneous head bangs, mosh pits and choral sing-a-longs. Chants of ‘Chinnnno’ in rest bites epitomise how well loved these metal titans are. Mind-blowingly heavy bass, atmospheric lighting and effortless stage presence all add up to create an undeniable spectacle.

Tonight’s show is something unique with every band on the bill impressing far beyond expectation in their own way… Three Trapped Tigers for their talent, letlive. for destructive suave and the legendary Deftones for again proving themselves to be one of the greatest musical treasures around.

Words: Emma Wallace

The Prodigy release live song from Brixton Academy

O2 Academy TV have posted a behind the scenes video of The Prodigy live at Brixton Academy.

The Essex band performed 3 sold-out nights at the London venue. The footage includes the track ‘World’s on fire’ being performed live.

There is currently no release date for the new album, but the band have said they have spent most of 2012 in the studio and are coming towards finishing the album.



Prodigy ready for Brixton Xmas shows

Essex ravers The Prodigy are set to take over London later this month as they raise hell for three nights at Brixton Academy. The legendary ‘Omen’ band, known for their phenomenal live performances, will be joined by acts such as Caspa, Nosia, Jaguar Skillz, South Central, and more.

The Prodigy kicked off their 2012 with a high as they were the final headline band to be announced for Download Festival 2012. The band debuted three songs for the first time on home soil. Early in the year it was announced that the follow up album to their 2009 studio album ‘Invaders Must Die’ will be titled ‘How To Steal A Jet Fighter’.

Band member Liam Howlett said: “All the dubstep stuff that’s around, we’re loving it, but that’s not our game. We won’t go near it. He continued to say: “We’ve always had respect for the masters who do their game, those boys who do that sound [dubstep], that’s what they do. We know what we do, and when any Prodigy record hits it’ll still feel fresh.”

There is currently no release date for the new album.


18 December – Brixton Academy, London
19 December – Brixton Academy, London
20 December – Brixton Academy, London

Expect strobe lighting, mind blowing bass and a load of new unheard material.

Written by Sean Hendrie

Lucero live at the Windmill, Brixton

London Brixton Windmill,

These days, it seems that more and more of London’s venues are covered in corporate branding, so it’s comforting to arrive at the Brixton Windmill and find it still resolutely independent and reassuringly shabby. Certainly, Lucero seem to have adopted it as their home from home – this is the third visit for Ben Nichols’ crew, and tonight is the first of a four night stand.

Sweetheart Contract are Londoners, but their sound is steeped in Americana, with alt-country rhythms, twanging rockabilly bass and even a touch of harmonica in the mix. You could argue about authenticity, but the numerous folks tapping their feet along to the catchy ‘Summer Heist’ and ‘Honesty Is Comedy’ would rightfully ignore you. Singer/guitarist Dexy is blessed with the voice of an indie-pop angel, but sprinkles everything he sings with a touch of gritty defiance. Check them out – you won’t regret it.

Lucero arrive to a heroes’ welcome from a sold-out crowd, but neither crowd nor band seem quite as invigorated as they did five years ago at this very same venue. Still, it’s a cold Wednesday night outside, and old favourites ‘Sweet Little Thing’ and ‘Nights Like These’ are a fine tonic for weary souls, whilst a few tunes from recent album ‘Women & Work’ are lent a welcome ragged edge in the live setting. They play for nearly two hours (but for some reason ignore 2007’s superb ‘Rebels, Rogues…’ album), and by the end, it feels like we’re part of the congregation in some kind of alt-country chapel, with the preachers bashfully enjoying the devotion on display. Six old Memphis road-dogs they may be, but Lucero know – as ever – how to create a sense of occasion.

Alex Gosman

The Stockwell Games is on tonight at Brixton Beach

London roll call. We have info this morning that The Stockwell Games is officially on tonight at Brixton Beach. What is this? Read on, get involved and look forard to the Out Of Stock exhibition scheduled for August 15th. Visit www.outofstockwell.co.uk and the blog at www.outofstockwell.blogspot.com for all details.