Throwback to Day In The City 4 (2005)

ditc1Ye olde dusty hard drives in our office shelve many old photos that need airing, so first up are a bunch of party photos from 2005’s Day In The City video comp, the fourth in an annual series that Snickers sponsored back then featuring many faces you may remember from London’s ever changing skate scene. Most of them still shredding too.

Those around back then will also remember the winning entry by Jono Verity featuring Brendan Ryall and a young Tom Knox as they cruised London’s spots, plus Matt Hirst’s edit featuring Dan Beall and Jerome Campbell, and the hilarious Only Fools and Horses parody with Zorlac, Cates and Moggins repping for Death. Fun times.
















What are you doing for Go Skateboarding Day 2011 tomorrow?

gsdGo Skateboarding Day is tomorrow, 21st June 2011- have you planned anything? We had completely forgotten about it this year, so if you are planning any sessions, send us your edits to our contact page.

Here’s some footage of a past session at Harlow with Volcom’s sausage fest BBQ with skating from Aaron Sweeney, Dan Cates, Simon Skipp, Horsey, Benny, Boots and Brendan Ryall.

Video Feature: Birthday Session at Mile End

The Crossfire Advocates are back again, this time trading private mini ramps in for a rare dry winter session at Mile End to celebrate the birthday of Tom Ball.

Shot and edited by the reliable hands that belong to Alan Christensen and features skating from the birthday boy Tom Ball, Brendan Ryall, Guy Burchard, Laurie Sherman and Terrence Anthony.

Some of you may be familiar with Tom through his good work at BaySixty6. If you haven’t signed the petition to save the park from closure then please get involved here. Out to Tom with this one. See below for London shredding and good birthday vibes.