Girl & Chocolate’s Going Dumb Up The 101


Enjoy this fun trip to San Francisco with Girl and Chocolate aficionados. Rad to see Malto skating again after that awful injury. Jerry Hsu is skating too.

This tour trip video also Stevie Perez, Rick Howard, Vincent Alvarez, Elijah Berle, Chris Roberts, Justin Eldridge, Brandon Biebel, Raven Tershy and Johnny Jones.

The new Girl Chocolate video is Pretty Sweet

The upcoming Girl/Chocolate DVD title has been announced today and it’s called Pretty Sweet. Get hyped on what will be dropping in November this year!

girl_chocolate_ pretty_sweet_dvd

Brandon Biebel’s fashion statement rumbled

For many years now, the fashion phenomenon of Girl Skateboards pro Brandon Biebel has been a talking point at skateboard demos and on Twitter. Today though, the classic white t-shirt and baggy jeans look have been rumbled, as Evil Milk finally reveal the theory behind Biebel’s choice of large garments and incredible tech steez.

As expected, the results are shocking, revealing that Biebel actually packs a mini-me to hold those smooth-as-butter manual rolls. Find Brandon’s response over at Crailtap very soon.


Watch: Lakai Voltage Tour

We were at a loss when the site went down yesterday, especially when we had stuff like this with no ‘add new post’ page to put it in. Many of you keen web surfers would have seen this video already but even if you have, watch it again.

It’s the Lakai Voltage Tour video and it’s 25 minutes of non-stop incredible. Vincent Alvarez is just too good.