The Swampton Bowl Massacre


In a small plot in Coventry, big things have been happening for the past eight years. but it’s all over as Swampy has demolished this up tight backyard bowl. Forde Brookfield has curated this fatpie-esque edit in its remembrance. Henry “Swampy” Moore and other members of the Baghead collective show you how to shred this hesh pool, of which might take your limbs with it.

View Henry “Swampy” Moore’s own retrospective edit below.

Duck Lane: New combi bowl opens in Bournemouth


If you have ever taken a trip down to Bournemouth for a day out skating then you will know that their scene is full of characters who frequent Kings Park. We’ve had some great days down there over the years so the news that a new park was being opened not far from there by Maverick was music to our ears, whose design and build on this new combi-bowl looks solid.

Duck Lane has been built as part of a new Mansell Homes housing development in Kinson, put together by Bournemouth Council. It consists of a unique combi-bowl and uncompromising design as explained by Maverick’s Russ Holbert who has been working on the project:

“The design has a retro feel with endless, flowing lines. At the top end, the facility features a micro clover bowl with a superfun, triple 8 pumpline. The clover bowl opens out into a unconventional snake run with offset hips and links up with a large bowled mini ramp. The walls of the mini ramp and snake run have been designed to direct riders straight down into the pool which is 9ft deep and features two monster hips. We are so stoked on this project and just so happy to have been a part of it. Hats off to all involved!”


One of the locals involved to make this happen was Richard ‘Geordie’ Inskip, whose input working alongside the council was key:

“Being stoked with my involvement of this park is an understatement. This is by far the most american style bowl I have skated in England. The design is amazing and the lines bring concrete surfing to a whole new level, saying that, so does the build quality. Maverick have just lifted the bar for UK skateparks. If this is what we can expect from new parks, UK skating is about to enter a whole new dimension.”

Duck Lane’s new combi-bowl opened this weekend, timed perfectly for the summer months ahead. Note that the site around the bowl is newly seeded, so if you visit, make sure you respect the site and clean up after yourselves.

We will leave you with a quote from Maverick‘s Ian Jennings who sums up this new feat perfectly: “It has tons of lines, it’s progressive and accessible – yet also really gnarly, fast and above all, LOADS of FUN!” Start planning your trip as this area has a variety of parks to skate.

You can find the park just off the Ringwood Rd (A348) on Holloway Avenue, Kinson, BH11 9JS. Directions and map here.





Thomas Nichols slays Burnside and beyond

We always look forward to Daniel Evans’ edits knowing that you will always be treated to some concrete slaying from someone out in the North West of the US. This week, Thomas Nichols steps up with a sick edit shot in various pools, bowls and parks. Press play for treats.

New Jason Lunn footage


If you have never heard of Jason Lunn in your skateboarding life, then you would not know how much of a trooper this bloke is when it comes to getting stuck in. Jason has had a fair few injuries over the year’s, including a lateral meniscus transplant and femoral osteotemy back in Oct 2011, but this new footage should inspire anyone currently stuck at home crocked.

New Witchcraft edit with Joyce, Tibs and Churchill

witchcraft_skateboards_ new

Witchcraft have some fresh blood in video from online this week alongside their new decks that have landed in your locals SOS. Victoria Park, Shoreham, XC, Saffron Walden and more crete feel the pain of the Coven with Mikey Joyce, Mark ‘TIBS’ Tidbury and Marc Churchill.

Witchcraft new product now available. from Darc Churchill on Vimeo.