Caballero and Hosoi signing at Slam City tonight

This is Steve Caballero‘s choice of rig, set up for this weekend’s Vans Warped vert session at Alexandra Palace. He celebrated his Birthday yesterday and will be waking up this morning in London ready to get down to Slam City Skates for a signing tonight at 6pm alongside Christian Hosoi. Details here:

Bones Brigade: An Autobiography premiere’s in London

Bones brigade autobiography london

London’s Prince Charles cinema was awash with rad dad’s, old rippers and many other skaters who had crawled out of the 80’s skateboard woodwork last night to wallow in nostalgia from Stacy Peralta’s autobiography on the life and times of the infamous Bones Brigade. The cinema was a packed house, made up of skateboarders who’d traveled from all over the country. Even Krooked’s head chef, Mark Gonzales took a seat at this London premiere, treating those around him to his own running commentary as the film featured the rising fame of Tony Hawk, Rodney Mullen, Steve Caballero, Mike McGill, Tommy Guerrero and Lance Mountain.

The Bones Brigade individually spill the beans on the ups and downs of the fame, fortune and fatigue from a golden era that projected them to the very forefront of world skateboarding, before a split in the group and the uprising of street skating forced them go their seperate ways.

For us, the highlights came from Lance Mountain, whose background, words and overall presence is to be admired. Fred Durst’s contributions were thankfully masked by a vociferous response from the audience, who heckled his every word. Stacy Peralta’s acting skills were also noted by many, but, unfortunately, the team’s mentor will probably never receive an Oscar for this performance. His pained, self-agrandising delivery only highlighted the fact that the Bones Brigade were the actual heroes from back in the day; and they all came out of this emotional rollercoaster with their heads held high.

That aside, Peralta’s job of stitching this story together is to be commended, and overall, Bones Brigade: An Autobiography has delivered an essential piece of the Californian skateboard jigsaw, documenting the incredible history and success of the 80’s scene. It’s a must-see flick. Look out for the DVD that will drop into skateboard shops later this month.


Watch Vans BOWL-A-RAMA New York footage 2012

The Vans Bowlarama comp in New York City smashed it this weekend. Pedro Barros took the honours alongside Lance Mountain for the legends. There’s a couple of edits here well worthy of your eyes and ears today. Absolutely brilliant bowl shredding.

Vans BOWL-A-RAMA NYC 2012 – Roll In #2 from Frontside Events on Vimeo.

Rodney Mullen speaks on how context shapes content

rodney_mullen_skateboarderLegendary street skater Rodney Mullen gave a speech at the University of Southern California recently and shares a plethora of information regarding his strategy on how the mind allows you to conquer all tricks and beyond.

Get inspired by one of skateboarding’s most intrigueing characters right here today.

Tony Hawk Crossfire interview incoming

Tony Hawk was in town 2 weeks back for a swift visit to Laureus, a project set up to inspire kids in East London. We were invited to pop over there and say hello and returned with a video interview for you that will be running on here soon where Tony discusses the new Bones Brigade plans with Stacy Peralta, Birdhouse plans, the impressive amount of ams on the rise across the planet and much, much more.

Watch this teaser for now and spread the word.

Sunday Summon: Wallo’s Vintage Hawaii skate footage 1975

wallowsAfter randomly finding a link to the great opening edit from Wallows in Powell Peralta’s epic video production The Search for Animal Chin this morning on youtube I also stumbled across this small documentary on the hallowed spot that Hawaii is so famous for.

Take a historic look back at how skaters (and surfers) made use of this steep banked ditch on the Island of Oahu from 1975/1976 with skating from Art Hottendorf (who put the film together) and John Jardine.

Here’s the Animal Chin footage featuring Bones Brigade members Tony Hawk, Steve Caballero, Mike McGill, Lance Mountain and Tommy Guerrero getting ‘bunsun over the junsun’ from circa 1986/87.

Enter the Bones Brigade Vault

Powell Peralta have been digging through their footage archive and have been uploading bits and pieces for the benefit of educating the iGeneration with the realness.

The latest edit is from a jam from 1989 that took place as Powell Peralta were in the process of remodelling their headquarters. The Skatezone Am Jam features some classic skating moments from Guy Mariano, Ray Barbee, Chet Thomas, Colin McKay, Danny Way, Bucky Lasek and more.

Jump right in below for the raddest thing you’ll see all day.