Danny Brady parts ways with Blueprint

Following many other team riders leaving the good ship Blueprint last over the least 2 weeks, Danny Brady has finally announced that he has departed for pastures new today. Maybe he will be found on Palace’s team in the near future based on recent events, maybe somewhere else. All we do know is that Tom Knox is probably the only BP skater left.

“Just wanted to thank everyone involved at Blueprint Skateboards and every skateboarder who has supported the brand over the years. Blueprint was my first ever sponsor and has given me so much but it’s time to move on……ta rah t’print”.

Neil Smith parts ways with Blueprint

The good ship Blueprint has seen 5 team riders leave now this week. Neil Smith being the latest. This was posted overnight:

“Ok, so I guess it’s finally my turn to announce my departure from BLUEPRINT skateboards. The last 10 years have been amazing journey with a great bunch of lads, I was very privileged to be apart of blueprint for so many years, but all must come to an end one day. Thanks to everyone involved old and new, excited to see what happens next…”

Nick Jensen and Sylvian Tognelli leave Blueprint

Uploaded messages on instagram accounts of both Nick Jensen and Sylvian Tognelli have revealed that both team riders have left Blueprint Skateboards today following Paul Shier’s departure yesterday. What a week for BP.

All three skaters that have left were guests on Fos’s LA radio show last week. Listen to it here.

Tom Knox and Neil Smith skate Muswell Hill

Muswell Hill’s concrete park gets a session from Blueprint’s Tom Knox and Neil Smith this week, courtesy of Lost Art. Paul Shier may have parted ways with Blueprint this weekend, but word is that BP will be rolling forward so don’t believe the hype.

Tom Knox @ Muswell Hill Featuring Smithy and friends from Lost Art on Vimeo.

Blueprint Skateboards Big Smoke series

Blueprint Skateboards are about to roll out a new series into your local skater owned shop this week. Artist Mark Ward came up with the new Big Smoke deck series and wheels for pro riders Shier, Smith, Murawski, Jensen and Brady.

The wheels are new and improved Blurethane shape and urethane. Order one from your local store.



Dan Magee leaves Blueprint Skateboards

After 15 years of steering the ship creatively at Blueprint Skateboards, Dan Magee officially left the company last night to persue his career in film. Posting on this on his instagram acount last night, he said:

“A few years ago, I decide to invest a skate business, that I felt would secure my future working in skateboarding and help push Blueprint & its riders forward. Ironically, certain events meant this investment had the opposite effect of my original intentions. As a result, I was not able to work on Blueprint with the same passion I used to have. Although this transition has been ongoing over the past two years, recent events have helped me to decide that it’s time to officially move on from my 15 years as Creative Director at Blueprint and concentrate on ‘the day job’. Thanks and respect to all those who have been involved with Blueprint along the way and all those that had my back when I needed it. Thanks to Paul Shier who continues to run the brand, as he has during my last couple of years on ‘hiatus’. I still hope to film, work in and be involved with skateboarding on a freelance and personal level for years to come.” – Dan Magee

Photo: CN

Blueprint Skateboards team news and sponsor changes

The Blueprint team are busy traveling as usual this month. Paul Shier is currently out with the troops in Cyprus for a future feature so look out for that with a video edit to boot.

Whilst currently sitting on the front page of the new Grey Magazine, Neil Smith now riding for Destructo, Mob Grip and Ricta Wheels, Danny Brady now skates Spitfire Wheels and Jerome Campbell is now riding for Converse and Paradise Wheels.

Look out for a Blueprint competition on here next week where you can win a package of BP goodness.


Blueprint’s Journey to the Center of Ecuador trip

The Blueprint team hit the road to Equador with Skateboarder Magazine and came back with soime amazing footage that Dan Magee has put together.

Watch Blueprint’s Journey To The Center Of The Earth featuring Paul Shier, Marty Murawski, Colin Kennedy, Sylvain Tognelli, Kevin Coakley and Jerome Campbell. Amazing stuff.