Herbal Skateboards do Amsterdam

A few weeks back, the Herbal Skateboards crew headed for Amsterdam for a skate trip with Lloyd Mcleggon, Marcus Payne, Jack Penny and Marc SA Carter in tow for the sessions. Filmer Von Shape and photographer Harvey Mills joined the party to capture what went down on the trip whilst they hit up spots aided by local spot guide Nosa Ketting.

Head over to their blog for updated photos from the trip and look out for an edit dropping on March 28th.

Follow the Blueprint Japan tour blog

Some of the Blueprint Skateboards team have arrived in Japan this week to tour various parts of the country. If you would like to keep up to date with the travels of Marty Murawski, Danny Brady, Paul Shier, Jerome Campbell, Neil Smith, Sylvian Tognelli and Tom Knox then head over to this blog where you can view photos from Tognelli’s lens.

John Rattray Behind the Artist Reel

Whatever the reason, there are little things better than writing a news piece about John Rattray. The same goes with reading ’em, it means there’s something rad coming your way. This is no exception.

John Rattray has updated his Predatory Bird blog again in a slightly off-character non-esoteric fashion. The post contains a stream of photos taken while John was filming for that amazing Artist Reel for Elwood.

Click on the ridiculousness below and have a read.

‘Out Of Stock’ blog goes online

Out Of Stock‘ is a special exhibition due to take place in the early summer of 2011 that focusses on creative work to emerge from Stockwell Skatepark created by a myriad of contributing artists.

In the build up to the exhibition a blog has been set up for the purpose of hosting anyone’s stories or photos from Stockwell, old and new. Despite being online for just a couple of weeks, it’s already picking up momentum and will inevitably evolve into a valuable and comprehensive source for all things Stockwell by the time next summer comes along.

Have a look at the blog by clicking this link and watch the trailer for ‘Out Of Stock‘ below.

Violent Soho in the studio

Brisbane four-piece Violent Soho have posted footage of what the happenings are during the making of their new self-titled album.

The album is out on August 2nd, and you can have a look at the studio video diaries just down there on this very page. There’s three of them and each one is packed with everything you could imagine would happen when the cameras are turned on an Australian band in Wales. Not too sure what that this exactly but rest-assured these videos are full of it.