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Rikk Fields joins the Black Sheep team

Wigan ripper Rikk Fields joins the Black Sheep shop team today with a new welcome edit. This was filmed across Manchester and Wigan over a 2 week period, click play to be impressed.

The Black Sheep Store Welcomes Rikk Fields. from blacksheepstore on Vimeo.

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Vans Shop Riot footage online

vans-logoThis weekend’s Shop Riot at Hemel Hempstead’s XC skatepark welcomed teams from shops all over the country for a session. The Black Sheep team took the honours with riders repping from Fifty Fifty, The Ledge, Switch, Halfpipe, Lost Art and many more.

Get stuck into the tricks from the day courtesy of Sidewalk with Chris Oliver, Manny Lopez, Daryl Dominguez and many more

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Watch Ben Rowles’ Black Sheep welcome edit

benrowlesBen Rowles is welcomed to the Black Sheep shop team in Manchester today with a new edit by Phil Harvey that was also entered into the DC flow to pro competition that has been doing the rounds. You can vote for him here.

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Rob Smith’s gallery postcard from LA – week 2

Head over to Rob Smith’s photo blog from LA to view the second week of snaps taken on his travels in California this week.

Playing dress up for a Supra photo shoot.
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Rob Smith’s LA photo blog

Death, Supra and Black Sheep pro Rob Smith is currently on the road and has traveled through Europe to get to the gold paved streets of Los Angeles. His second week in California sees Rob in Eric Dressen’s hands to get a Screamer, sessions at the Baker Boys warehouse, outdoor parks, art shows and much more.

This is part 2 of a series of photos. Start planning your own trip this summer and get out there and get some too.

Two of the most motivated guys on earth!
A selection of my favourite stars.

The only thing people use umbrellas for over here. Sun.
Playing dress up for a Supra photo shoot.
My homie Eric Dressen was kind enough to give me a tattoo.
Mid tattage.
So stoked on how it turned out! Thanks again Eric.
This only applies here.
This skatepark reminds me of a friend in Costa Rica right now.
I dont think anyone has skated this rail.
Couldn't stop laughing at this!
Baker Boys Neck Face.
Art show.
What a line up!

These photos below are from week 1.

Rob Smith sent us over a series of photos for a gallery blog feature with snaps from the first week in the sunshine. So far his sights have been shared with fellow Brits abroad, Fos and Nordberg at backyard pools, ditches, parks and street spots all over the Californian playground and also grabbed a seat at the Danny Way film premiere for good measure.

Classic first L.A photo
We went to the freak show
The freakshow consisted of lots of animals with 2 heads
Venice Beach overview
Sam and the Melch at Venice Beach
Saturday at Lincoln Park. Nobody there.
L.A Steez
Got da Dolla's
Mr lowercase t, the best photo I ever shot
Fos took advantage of Danny Way's free favourite candy
Some Melch insta artwork right there
Nice board dude
This is not a skatepark handrail
This is how to get down
Miller flip at Aarto's
More ditches bitches
The man, the moment, the thunder
Imagine that
Fresh whip
The Lizard cover spot
More of these will be coming soon, check back next week
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Manchester’s Black Sheep win Vans Shop Riot finals

blacksheepThe Black Sheep shop team took the honours at this year’s Vans Shop Riot in Chelles, France. Watch the footage of their £3000 raid at the Cosa Nostra skatepark here.

RIDER OF THE DAY – Axel Cruysbergs
JUDGE’s Choice/Fighting spirit – Will Makala
1ST BEST TRICK #1 – Rob Smith-Many tricks
1ST BEST TRICK #2 – Olly Tyreman-Bs Boneless
1ST BEST TRICK #3 – Dimitri Kostoff-Fs Feeble
2ND BEST TRICK #1 – Kevin Tshala-Nollie Kickflip noseslide 360° out
2ND BEST TRICK #2 – Fabian Verhage-Gap to Noseblunt
2ND BEST TRICK #3 – Kevin Vu-Bs Noseblunt

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Rasta Warehouse Chronicle

Stupid Bloody Tuesday’s Dan McCourt joins Chris Barrett and Eddie Belvedere for a DIY sesh in Manchester. Enjoy his latest edit here accompanied by a large dose of reggae and fun.

Rasta Warehouse Chronicle from dan mccourt on Vimeo.