Black Label Raise Hell Wade Speyer’s ranch

The Black Label crew went up to Wade Speyer’s ranch to enjoy some of the country life and the “Raise Hell” annual barn bowl jaunt and a session at Ripon. Watch Tyler Mumma, Riley Stevens, Brandon Perelson, Peter Watkins, Javan Campello, Peter Raffin, Wade Speyer and many more.

Kyle Leeper joins Stereo Skateboards

kyleleeperstereoKyle Leeper is no longer riding for Black Label and is now riding for Stereo Skateboards.

Chris Pastras and Jason Lee welcomed Leeper this weekend and said: “We are more than proud and stoked to work with a skater who not only reminds us of our favorites from previous generations, but also one who’s actions speak louder than his words. That being said, we’ll let his welcome video speak for itself..”.

If you want more recent footage then head over here to watch his previously Video of the Week rated Rain or Shine edit, also filmed by Mike Manzoori.

Black Label issue Rhino guest deck

If you have ever met Chris ‘Rhino’ Rooney on your travels as a skateboarder then you would know just why he deserves Black Label’s latest guest board.

The Thrasher photographer and Independent Trucks TM will be celebrating this one all the way to the bar so look out for it on your travels, it’s 8.5″x 32″ with a 14.5″ wheelbase.