El Toro – Krak Best Trick Compilation

jaws_eltoroFor years now El Toro High School in Lake Forest has been more famous for its 20 stair beast than its pass rates. So many have left their mark trick wise and in the concrete on this ridiculously big set so Krak have compiled 3 minutes of skate history. Dive in.

Gif: Jaws.

Chain to Bank – best tricks compilation


British skaters would know that the Chain to Bank spot is owned by Tom Penny, especially with his switch backside flip. Others have smashed it with tricks too though so enjoy this latest Krak comp with Dyrdek, Smolik, Duffy, Bastien, MJ, Richie Jackson, Dobstaff and many more.

Reminisce Penny’s shutdown at this spot:

San Dimas High School Street Gap – Best Tricks

heathYou can only hit this place up by motorbike but over the years, the San Dimas High School gap has been rinsed by a select few looking to get on the sheet.

From the Butcher to Burman, Hoffart to Hill and of course, Heath Kirchart, take in a few who have made it.