Door covered in rare skateboarding stickers on Ebay


Everyone at some point of their life covered something wall to wall in skate stickers. If you didn’t, you blew it, but now’s your chance to cheat as this door has hit Ebay this week and will be sold to the highest bidder.

This 8ft high wooden beast contains various layers of rare stickers between the periods of 1986 – 2012. Look closely and you will find a Save Southbank sticker from 1988, original Supreme, Slam City Skates, Powell Peralta, Mo Wax, Beastie Boys, Stussy, R.A.D, M-Zone and Banksy stickers. I even spotted the sticker that was given away at the video premiere of Public Domain hosted at the Marquee Club. Deep cultural history is stuck on here, up to 5 stickers deep in some places. Do you want it?

Its loving owner, who has moved houses with this since living at home with his parents, is reluctant to let it go without meeting its new owner on collection from North Acton, West London. The question is, what is it worth? What would you pay for it? Let us know in the comments below and bid for it here.

Good luck.





The Bouncing Souls Auction Rarities After Being Robbed

On the 4th August, New Brunswick Punk rockers, The Bouncing Souls announced via their social networking sites the devestating news that they had been robbed whilst touring the USA.

‘Once again we have been ripped off. K8 is Great, our tour managers, bag was stolen tonight from the backstage. Laptops, passports, paperwork, and lots of money was in there. If you care at all about the music scene or people trying to come to your town to play shows for you, please return it to us. This is all we got. Thank you.’

In order to raise funds lost and replace gear stolen, The Bouncing Souls are auctioning rare items from their archives via ebay. The items include artwork, tapes and vinyls. The following statement from the band explains more:

‘As many of you know, a couple weeks ago we were robbed and lost many thousands of dollars, computers, and a lot of important documents and files. In an effort to get back on our feet, we have dug deep into the archives, and have decided to auction off some really cool stuff on eBay. From the bottom of our collective heart, we appreciate all the kind words of support from our fans, friends, and family…but now we need to pay the bills! Please check out our auctions and keep in mind that only auctions from seller account “bouncingsoulsnj” are verified as being sold by us. Thanks so much for all your support and good luck bidding!’

As commendable as this is, its a sad situation that such a legendary band have had to resort to selling treasured artefacts to survive due to the selfish actions of others. It seems far too often these kind of events are occurring to much loved bands from all genres – Animals As Leaders, Modest Mouse, Ulcerate, Thrice and Iron Maiden to name a few. Lets hope that karma comes into action and gives the thieves responsible a well deserved slap across the backside (at least).

Support the band and music scene by participating in the auction here or buy purchasing merchandise and attending their shows.

Words: Emma Wallace

Howies to auction mini ramp for Skateistan

Clothing company Howies are helping the Skateistan cause this week by offering you an opportunity to buy their mini ramp that is currently set up in a barn out West. Funds from the auction will go towards the young people in Afghanistan who are able to learn to skate thanks to the goodwill of the countries first co-educational skateboarding school.

The ramp that is 5ft high and 16ft wide will be for auction on eBay towards the end of August but if you would like to bid to own the ramp then keep an eye on the Howies website where you will find all info.