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Golden Halls [EP]

It is very hard to try and pinpoint music with blanket terms such as Down Tempo, some people may even refer it as Post-Dubstep, but I find that hard to believe. The likes of Four Tet have been making this eloquent genre around the same time as Dub-Step came out, in the late nineties. That statement may offend some people, but the matter of fact is, this is no competition. And I’m not comparing Mr. Parish to Mr. Hebden either; I’m just trying to give a little scope on this sub genre of electronic music that can be as slippery as an electric eel. It’s a style of music I generally find hard to connect with but the atmospheres created are second to none and they usually send me into some kind of dream like induced stupor, however that is not to say that statement is derogatory and that I don’t enjoy it.

Alex Parish A.K.A Adolescent is a Brighton born producer who on his debut EP is only twenty-one (oh the irony) and it is a well thought out package. I found it very easy to work to; music to me has different purposes and this serves well as great background music. From the art work to the samples, Parish pieces together an ethnic worldview catalyzed through his musical soundscape. From the foreign quire sample in Golden Halls Pt. 2 to the word play in the track names such as Hangshai. It is apparent that a back to basics, minimal characteristic, influences his style. There are some intricate moments on the EP, for example the piano on K:TV is fazed in and turns the heavy synth on. This is synchronized with the beat and makes for a nice feature. I found it hard to tell in the arrangement of the song where the Wu Tang sample from Severe Punishment fitted in, but that says to me that it is mixed in incredibly well.

You could find it in the chilled out bars of Brighton or you could understand it from the multi cultural markets and the global understanding that is practiced in and around the streets of Brighton. On the other hand, it could just be that he has a good imagination. Whatever Adolescent’s influence is, this EP is a really good start and I wish him all the best.


Music News

It Wasn’t Me – New Evidence video

Evidence has dropped another set of visuals from his new album.

It Wasn’t Me is taken from his Cats & Dogs album, out on Rhymesayers Entertainment and is a perfect example of what to expect from the record. Crank it and get your neck snapping, this one bangs.

Don’t forget Evidence is part of the Rhymesayers European Tour which hits London’s Electric Ballroom on November 7th alongside Atmosphere, Blueprint, Brother Ali and Grieves & Budo.

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Rhymesayers launches new mix competition

Rhymesayers and Carhartt have teamed up to launch a mix competition.

The competition, which coincides with the Rhymesayers European Tour gives fans a chance to create their own 15 minute mix of Rhymesayers material which they then upload here.

The winner will get a flashdrive full of music, albums by all the artists, a limited edition tour t-shirt, a Carhartt x UDG DJ bag, the chance to create an hour long mix for Carhartt’s radio and even personalised drops from the artists. The competition closes on September 27th.

The tour, which has a line-up of Atmosphere, Brother Ali, Evidence, Blueprint and Grieves & Budo hits the Electric Ballroom in London on November 7th.

Whilst you’re getting some inspiration, check out the new Evidence video for the track You, taken from his upcoming album Cats & Dogs.

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New MaLLy video drops

We here at Crossfire are massive fans of the Minneapolis hip hop scene and there’s a new player on the block.

Having been championed by Atmosphere’s Slug and a number of other members of the scene, MaLLy has dropped the video to his track Heir Time, produced by The Sundance Kid. We love it and the video is a fun one too, so click play below and see what you reckon.

If you dig it enough, you can buy the track here.

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Watch: Brand new Atmosphere video

Atmosphere have put their new video online.

The Last To Say is taken from their latest album The Family Sign and deals with the perils and repercussions of domestic violence. It’s a subject that’s very rarely tackled, especially in hip hop, so to see these visuals give another dimension to Slug’s lyrics is very touching.

Check the video below:

Music News

Rhymesayers announce European Tour

Hip hop heavyweight Rhymesayers Entertainment have announced a European label tour that has been ten years in the making.

The line-up will be headed by Atmosphere with Brother Ali, Evidence [of Dilated Peoples], Blueprint and Grieves & Budo filling the rest of the bill. The UK date will see the tour hit London’s Electric Ballroom on November 7th before heading to mainland Europe.

In order to get everyone hyped for the show, a playlist has been put together with tracks from every artist on the bill so get it playing and get ready to experience one hell of a show.

The tour dates are:

7th – London, Electric Ballroom
8th – Amsterdam, Melkweg
9th – Paris, La Machine du Moulin Rouge
11th – Brussels, Ancienne Belgique
12th – Zurich, Rote Fabrik
13th – Fribourg, Fri-Son
15th – Berlin, Festaal Kreuzberg
16th – Hamburg, Uebel & Gefahrlich
18th – Stockholm, Nalen
19th – Oslo, Spikerboks
20th – Copenhagen, Vega Musikkenshus

Rhymesayers European Tour Playlist by rhymesayers

Live Reviews

Soundset Festival 2011

Canterbury Park
Shakopee, Minnesota

Another year, another cracking Soundset Festival in Shakopee, Minnesota. After a heavy barrage of rain the night before, the nightmare scenario of a mud-bath was raising its ugly head but once we arrived and saw that the worst of it was contained to the middle patch of grass by the Main Stage and everything else was just a bit squidgy, we knew it was going to be alright. Walking up to the entrance, we caught the last couple of songs of the Slaughterhouse set – a shame we didn’t catch more of it, but with such a good line-up on the rest of the bill, it wasn’t the end of the world.

Taking our place a little further back from the main stage, we rolled in just in time to see Dilated Peoples make their triumphant return with Babu cutting over Evidence and Rakaa’s lyrics and getting the crowd whipped up from the very start. Rolling through some newer tunes including the crowd favourite This Way, the trio performed with smiles as big as those in the crowd and even brought out a female fan who had traveled all the way from LA [not as far as London!] to perform a track with them. By the time they finished up on the anthem Worst Comes To Worst, they had the crowd eating out of their hands.

They were followed on stage by Mac Miller, which meant an swift exit to avoid hearing his horrible music before heading back for the Main Stage debut of Doomtree, who killed their set despite obvious sound problems. Never a crew to let the energy levels drop, their set span crew tracks as well as solo tunes from various albums and also saw performances of new tracks by Cecil Otter and P.O.S., whose song has an instantly catchy gang chorus about spitting on Nikes, kicking out DJs and rocking a party. They’re favourites, obviously, but bias aside, they slayed it, a definite highlight. De La Soul moved the crowd as you would expect, mixing in their old-skool vibes with newer tracks like Ooh and proved that despite their age, they still know how to rock a set.

Moving over to the Fifth Element stage, we took in another sterling performance by Edan, who had wowed me earlier this year at the Jazz Café in London. Whilst it was almost an exact replica of that set, his ability to entertain is second-to-none and as such the crowd swelled with every song. His wordplay and back-and-forths with hype man Paten Locke had everyone slamming hands in the air and when he busted out the acoustic guitar and kazoo, it was over, he’d cemented his place in everyone’s hearts. Unfortunately it meant we weren’t able to see Brother Ali’s set, but by the look of the crowd in front of the stage, he was killing it as usual.

Then it was time for the main two acts of the festival – Big Boi and Atmosphere. The Outkast MC brought a ton of girls on stage with him [most of whom looked like jailbait, but still] as he ran through classic Outkast material dating all the way back to the first album through classics like Ms Jackson [which included comedy “ooohs” from the crowd at every chorus] and Ghettomusick before ramming everyone’s ears with tracks from his brilliant solo album – Shutterbugg being the highlight of a great set.

When Slug, Ant, Nate and Erick hit the stage though, the noise levels went up that bit further, welcoming their hometown favourites back after a grueling tour. With tracks from their new album The Family Sign sounding brilliant, especially the bouncy She’s Enough, a quick Slick Rick impression from Slug and old favourites like Guns and Cigarettes and Trying To Find A Balance being wheeled out, it’s easy to see why Atmosphere continue to bring in so many plaudits. As the sun set on both them and the festival, the estimated 30,000 people finished their day on the ultimate high. Long may independent labels continue and here’s to Soundset 2012.


Music News

Soundset 2011 preview video drops

The world’s best hip hop festival is back once again and the Rhymesayers guys behind the Soundset have dropped a preview video for the event which takes place in Minnesota on May 29th.

Taking in tunes from De La, Atmosphere, Big Boi and more, the visuals by the homey Adam Garcia come to life and make our resident rap fan Abjekt very excited. As per usual, Crossfire will be there to report on what’s going down.

Remind yourselves what went down last year by clicking right here.

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Watch: New video from Atmosphere

It’s another video from those Minnesotans – Atmosphere have dropped some visuals for the track She’s Enough from their new album The Family Sign.

Not only is the tune a banger, but the video is excellent and reminds you of the days when all you had to do to get a girl was put chewing gum in her hair. Those were the days. Keep your eyes open for the cameo to end all cameos in the lunch hall.


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Soundset Festival line up announced

Minnesota’s Soundset Festival announced their line up for 2011 yesterday and it’s a biggun.

Atmosphere take their usual slot as headliners and this year will be ably supported by Big Boi, De La Soul, the entire Doomtree crew, Dilated Peoples, Slaughterhouse, Brother Ali, Edan, Looptroop, Zion I, Blueprint, DJ Abilities, Exile and many more.

It’s been the highlight of the hip hop calendar for the past three years and is no doubt going to be the same this year. We should be there again so keep those eyes peeled for a review. Check out below for Wiz Khalifa killing it last year.