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New Ged Wells art exhibition London


The wonderful art of Ged Wells will grace walls in East London this winter in a new exhibition called the Nihilistic Adventures of Rejected Puppets. Wells’ dedication since the mid 1980’s to paint and create stemmed through his dope skateboarding career.

Don’t miss this new show that runs from Friday December 4 to January 4th, 2016 at Thunders, 49 Commercial Street, London E1 6BD.


Visit his Insane Emporium for more.

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Lance Mountain ‘Never Grow Up’ interview

Bones Brigade legend Lance Mountain discusses his early skateboarding life, hanging with Neil Blender and his introduction to art in this Stussy interview. This was shot in Japan where his ‘Never Grow Up‘ art show was hosted this year by Stussy‘s Shinjuku chapter to celebrate their 15th anniversary out there. Watch how the show was put together and much more from one of skateboarding’s most fun individuals.


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Never Mind The Art Dump launches at the Hoxton Hotel

If you were at the Pretty Sweet UK premiere last night you may have ended up back at the Hoxton Hotel where you will find some treats hanging on the walls. For the next three weeks, the hotel will host Never Mind The Art Dump, an exclusive art show brought to you by Crossfire and Form Distribution.

Never Mind The Art Dump is showcasing iconic posters of the Girl & Chocolate Film Archives, re-interpreted versions of those posters, as well as exclusive skateboard decks and 8 brand new prints from their new feature, ‘Pretty Sweet’. This work will run from Tuesday November 20th through to December 7th at The Hoxton Hotel, 81 Great Eastern St, London, EC2A 3HU and is free entry. Prints from the show will be available to purchase soon. Look out for details.

From Mouse to Goldfish, Yeah Right, Fully Flared and now Pretty Sweet, Spike Jonze’s work has graced skateboarders screens since 1992 with some of the most iconic skateboard videos ever made. This exhibition, allows visitors to revisit some of skateboarding’s classical moments made up of The Art Dump‘s most creative work force.

The Art Dump is the name tagged to a team of like-minded creative misfits who work under the same flat roof in Torrance, California. They are, essentially, The Girl Skateboard Company’s full-time art department. The veteran, Andy Jenkins (Bend Press) uses his title as art director loosely. He considers the crew a co-op and lets it operate that way, with each artist bringing their own unique, individual vision to the Girl brands.

The current team roster includes: Eric Anthony (The High Desert), Hershel Baltrotsky (Art Raffle), Jeremy Carnahan, Michael Coleman (Michael Coleman Studio), Christian Morin (M District), Andy Mueller (The Quiet Life & Ohio Girl), and Chris Waycott.

That is the simplest way you can break down the Art Dump, though it’s not really that simple, for each of these people has a myriad of interests, talents and mediums. As a group, and individually, they work in both commercial and non-commercial worlds. Sometimes these worlds collide and that is where the Art Dump’s collaborative projects exist — amidst the rubble and question marks of a crash site of graphics and fine art.

There are others who flow in and out of the Dump, offering their own abilities from time to time and working in the collaborative environment with the core group. Those include: Spike Jonze, Evan Hecox, Lori Damiano, Thomas Campbell, Rick McCrank, Brian Anderson, Marc Johnson, Brad Staba, Andrew Pommier, and Edith Abeyta. Alumni of the Art Dump include: Rob Abeyta Jr., Bucky Fukumoto, Johannes Gamble, Bob Kronbauer, Tony Larson, Michael Leon, Kevin Lyons, Geoff McFettridge, Jordan Mitchell, and Misato Suzuki.

Visit the Hoxton, grab one of their incredible burgers and a beer and enjoy what’s on show.

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Mark Gonzales pop up art show details London

The Gonz is in town this month and has hooked up with Huck Magazine for a one off pop-up art show on Saturday November 10th. One Week, One Show is a 24-hour pop-up show featuring drawings, paintings, affordably priced postcards and experimental scrolls by Mark Gonzales.

All the work was created by The Gonz in the space of seven days, during an impromptu visit to London in November 2012, and will be available to purchase from 71A Leonard St. Prices range from affordable postcards and poetry to intricate, large-scale multi-media scrolls.

Mark Gonzales – One Week, One Show from HUCK Magazine on Vimeo.

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Fos rolls out Vancouver Art Show


Heroin Skateboards’ Fos has been busy traveling the world with his paintbrush and pens. Check out this realy well cut video of his latest show in Vancouver with skating at various spots with Craig Questions, Deer Man of Dark Woods and more.

Fos x Vancouver from Timebomb Trading Inc. on Vimeo.

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Deck graphics get animated at etnies exhibition

It was only 5 years ago we were partying hard across the small pond, but this year Etnies are celebrating 25 years of business this week in France and have rolled out the Public Domaine Skateboard culture exhibition at La Gaîté Lyrique. 3 artists have been chosen by Pierre-André Senizergues to conceptualize what skateboarding will be like in the next 25 years.

As a tribute to the digital and music foundation of La Gaite, UK filmographer, Mike Manzoori will capture the etnies Pro Team of Kyle Leeper, Jose Rojo, Tyler Bledsoe and Willow skating in the house creating a unique digital footprint of what the future may be like.

The exhibition runs until August 7th. Plan a weekend skate trip to Paris today but before you do check out the animated board graphics on show in Paris, endless fun.

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Fos inks up Tattoo Shop for a month

South London artist Mark ‘Fos’ Foster has an art show incoming at a tattoo shop opening on 18th February 2011 that will run for a month.

Pop into Kids Love Ink on 138 Deptford High Street, SE8 3PQ and see what has stopped his Heroin deck from skating Stockwell over the last few weeks.