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Matt Jones in “BB4”

instaDavid Smith brings you his fourth independent skate video “BB4” filmed predominantly in Tempe, Arizona.

Catch a little bit of Matt Jones taking a twist to every spot he skates in this newly released part from the video; you’re in for a few surprises.

Order a full copy of BB4 here.

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Destruction Unit

Destruction Unit

Destruction Unit
‘Final Flight’
Sacred Bones

Forever kicking and screaming their way to the forefront of modern noise rock, Arizona’s Destruction Unit blew our minds when they were last in London for the release of Deep Trip in 2013. Now, they bring us a new music video that recalls the mayhem of their live show perfectly. Directed by Cali Dewitt, the visuals on offer here are nothing short of mesmerising, transcending to a higher realm by way of a warped desert ritual, growing increasingly intense as layers of feedback and fuzz are built sky high.

Those who reside stateside can catch them on tour through March at the dates below. We eagerly await their return to the UK.

March Live dates
8th Las Vegas, NV
9th Albuquerque, NM
10th Dallas, TX
11th Memphis, TN
12th Nashville, TN
13th Chicago, IL
14th Columbia, OH
15th Austin, TX
16th Austin, TX
17th Austin, TX
19th Phoenix, AZ
20th Los Angeles, CA

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Real Skateboards Robbie Brockel Pushing Phoenix


Robbie Brockel continues Real Skateboards’ latest team rider feature by clocking up some fresh footage from his hometown of Phoenix, Arizona. Check out the amazing spots on offer in this rad new video of which Robbie destroys in 40′ heat.

Real Skateboards Robbie Brockel Pushing Phoenix from dlxsf on Vimeo.

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Watch: A Happy Medium 2 Teaser

Over the weekend our link of the day was set to link you to this teaser. Should you have missed it, here’s your chance to get hyped on what’s sure to be another cult classic from Arizona, A Happy Medium 2.

Following on from where Peter Vlad’s Wonderful Horrible Life and A Happy Medium left off, Buster O’Shea is joined by Hunter O’Shea on filming duties, covering the notoriously unpredictable and left-field skating of John Motta, Aaron ‘Jaws’ Homoki, John-Rob Moore, Jeff Stevens, Derek Tracy and many more. We can’t wait.