Skateboarding Product Reviews

Anti Hero Tony Miorana Love Toy deck 8.38

lovetoy_antiherodeckDeluxe wood is premium manufacturing made with the finest Canadian maple money can buy. There is no middle ground here. If you ride DLX, you are riding the crest of skateboarding.

Tony’s board is no exception. It’s a beast to say the least, but at 8.38″, it’s still very manageable on street as it is deep in the cradle. The length of the deck is 32”, pretty much what you would expect from a rig this size. I will say that I spent most of my time on the Love Toy enjoying the ever increasing number of decent bowls popping up around London this Autumn, however, I have taken to street with it and it felt equally as good. I am past the days of rails and stairs, but for cruising banks, curbs and hills, it’s a fine piece of wood.

Anti Hero remains one of my more preferred decks when it comes to choice for me. Their consistency in superiority is comforting and you know Cards would never ride anything but the best. Trust you instinct and get onto it before it’s too late.